Amadeo – the place for Ribs in Brussels

I am forever grateful to Michelle of Very Hungry Explorer for organising a BXLFF team dinner – including Andreea of On Food & Wine, Alison of Cheeseweb and moi – along with our wonderful (long-suffering) husbands who have had to listen to our Brussels Food Friends planning sessions for the last year!

HIM & I arrived and realised that although we had been in the neighbourhood quite a lot … and had even been almost directly opposite the spot a week prior to that at Noordzee – we had never noticed AMADEO before – which I now realise means that I am not really that observant… because who can miss a stuffed cow at the entrance????

amadeo 1
amadeo 3

On entering – you have the distinct impression that you have walked through the looking-glass (Alice in Wonderland) and entered into some bizarre scene from the Moulin Rouge (the movie – not the Parisian theatre show) – with bookcases on one wall, stuffed animal heads & enormous Indonesian statues on another, lots of hanging red lights and tables one on top of each other… crazy… but cosy.

amadeo 2

In all fairness – I don’t think that the 8 of us even glanced at the menu… and just smiled/nodded and agreed to the Ribs a volonte (all you can eat) for 15.95€ – served with a gorgeous baked potato (with a good dollop of curry butter) and a smidgen of “greens”.

amadeo 6

We washed this all down with wine – of which, there are 1l bottles on the table which you can help yourself to, and at the end of the meal – you only pay for what you consumed… needless to say, that we managed to empty 2 bottles. (I have to confess that the wine wasn’t great – but the more you ate/drink – the better it got).

Although the statement is “all you can eat” – the reality is that you are served a plate of ribs (with your trimmings) – and the waiters walk around with trays holding additional ribs – which they offer to diners once they have finished the ribs on their plates…

amadeo 7

The boys managed to get through 3 racks of ribs in total (their original, plus 2 “re-fills”) and the girls probably each ate 2. Then the offer of “more” disappeared and we were asked if we wanted dessert or the bill… not because they didn’t want to feed us – but because they normally double (or triple) book each table for additional time slots – so if you get there early – there is a good chance that they will expect you to eat & leave within a certain period of time – in order to free up the table for more others. Which is absolutely fair!

all finished...

all finished…

amadeo 5

time to clean up….

Would I go back? Definitely – this is a great spot for a group of people who like meat. Reasonably priced and tasty. I would recommend making a reservation – as the queue of folks patiently waiting for a table to free up is pretty long. (HIM declared the ribs good – but said that Fin de Siecles were better)

Both Andreea & Michelle also wrote about our experience – which you can read here & here


address: 28 Rue sainte-catherine, 1000, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 502 51 37



Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 18h30-23h00, Fri-Sun: 18h00-23h30


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