Fin De Siecle… best deal in Brussels!

Last week, I was in Dusseldorf on business, so there wasn’t a lot of time to try interesting food, restaurants or recipes for the blog… BUT coming back to Brussels at the end of the week, brought about the excitement of getting to re-visit Fin de Siecle which is a great resto in Brussels close to the Bourse (in town).

Entrance of restaurant (borrowed from the Red Rooster Reviews)

Entrance of restaurant (borrowed from the Red Rooster Reviews)

Fin de Siecle is french for *end of the century* – and basically encompasses both the start and end of an era! And after this visit… could definitely be JUST that!

The first time that I had been to this restaurant, was with a whole group of Spanish friends (and M) and we had arrived well past 8pm and stood at the bar for about an hour waiting for a table… it was worth it! The food was simple and exceptionally tasty and VERY VERY well priced (for Brussels that is).

So, Saturday saw 6 of us (including M and HIM) returning. This time, we decided to meet at the restaurant at 7.30pm in the hopes of a shorter waiting time. 4 of us got there just after 7pm and thought *ha, we will surely get a table straight away*, but no… the rule is that the entire group has to be there in order to secure a table! Smart! It meant that they could turn tables quicker…. so, we enjoyed an aperitif at the bar… and by 7.30ish… we were all there and seated!

The normal set up is that there are long tables, so you are essentially sharing tables with other diners … but we got one of the tables at the front door which was just enough to seat the 6 of us! Within minutes, we were ordering bottles of wine and being asked if we were ready to order our food.

The Food, as already mentioned consists of a mix of good, wholesome, (big portioned) well-priced Belgian (and other)  fare… and there are no paper menu’s – only one black board in the centre of the Restaurant (we laughed and said that this was the Belgium’s version of La Piola)

3 of us ordered the Spare Ribs… OMG… this is what I had the first time I was there and have been dreaming about it ever since!! Falling off the bone, deliciously sweet and sticky sauce and served with a baked potato that was essentially cooked to perfect fluff 😉

HIM had the Stoemp (Belgium’s version of sausage & mash & gravy)

J had the Mixed grill skewer

And S had some gorgeous looking prawns!

All this – washed down with 3 bottles of red wine, plus our pre-dinner aperitif’s only came to 25Euro’s a head!

Would I go back?? YES YES YES…. in fact, I could even go as far as to say that this could easily become one of my favourite restaurants (just don’t tell HIM :))

Fin De Siecle

address: Rues des Chartreux 9, Brussels, 1000

telephone: +32 2 513 5123

no website

no reservations possible


4 thoughts on “Fin De Siecle… best deal in Brussels!

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