Seafood in Brussels (Noordzee)

With a visiting friend from Canada & a whole week of holidays to enjoy with HIM – we finally made it to Noordzee (La Mer du Nord) on St Catherine in Brussels (just around the corner from our normal “town” stomping ground) on a school day (aka Tuesday).

Noorzee 1

What promised to be a fun new experience was dampened by the cold & rain and more in particular, the fact that eating takes place outdoors around a bar table while standing! So definitely no long boozy lunches here!! The entire experience would have been far more enjoyable if the weather had been sunshine & warmth – however, we made the best of the situation and 4 of us huddled around a table under the outdoor umbrella’s like penguins trying to keep out of the rain, wind and other people’s way.

Noordzee 2

The place has some seriously good reviews – so much so, that they didn’t have any calamari left at 13h30 (clearly a popular choice and something that I had been craving) – but we did get enough of other plates to make sure that I didn’t walk away hungry. The prawn croquettes were pretty decent (and we ordered 2 plates as each portion only provides 2 pieces … thus making sure that we each had our “own”). We also ordered the tuna steak, battered fish and prawns done in 2 different ways.

Noordzee 6 Noordzee 5 Noordzee 4 Noordzee 3

Would I return? Only on a sunny day or early enough to avoid the bustling crowds (because, come rain or shine, I always favour being under an umbrella!). If you love seafood and aren’t able to get to the seaside – this is probably the best place in town to find it.


address: Rue Sainte Catherine 45, 1000, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 (0)2 513 11 92




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