Champagne Tasting with AperiNostrum (Bookalokal)

Most of you are already aware of Bookalokal – right? And that I have attended and hosted dinners with them before – right? The concept is about connecting people over food in your own or holiday city. Essentially a pop-up restaurant/bar concept in the comfort of some ones home – a chance to try something new but also home-cooked!

bookalokal 17

Well, this past week had me and others heading out to try a Champagne tasting hosted by AperiNostrum (booked through the bookalokal website) – where hosts Alessandro, Sergio & Frederico (all Italian stallions living in Brussels) shared an evening of bubbles, nibbles & fun in Sablon.

bookalokal 2 bookalokal  1 bookalokal 4 bookalokal 3

We got the opportunity to try 3 different champagnes with 3 different courses

  • Champagne Blanc de blanc Grand Cru (100% chardonnay) with freshly baked focaccia and crispy fried  calamari
  • bookalokal 5 bookalokal 8bookalokal 6
  • Champagne Rosé de saignée (Premier Cru) – aka “True blood” with spinach & bacon topped tartlets, italian salsiccia lollipop, and potato slices seasoned with fresh rosemary & thyme
  • bookalokal 12 bookalokal 11 bookalokal 10
  • And finally, Champagne Cuvée Prestige (50% chardonnay, 25% pinot noir, 25% pinot Meunier) served with a green tea tiramisu
  • bookalokal 13 bookalokal 14 bookalokal 15 bookalokal 16

Within the 7 lovely ladies who tasted the 3 different champers – we all had a different favourite (mine was without a doubt the rosé)… and I adored the green tea tiramisu.

how I adore these Marilyn saucers....

how I adore these Marilyn saucers….

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