Maxine, a South African food blogger living in Brussels (Belgium) for almost a decade… excitedly heading towards 40… and realising that FOOD in all its glory is pure and blissful enjoyment! Definitely NOT skinny, with a REAL appetite and pretty sure that there is a 2nd stomach reserved for desserts and sweet treats. Sharing a home with HIM (aka the wonderful husband) and “Monkey” (first child born 2015 – aka Little Miss) – you can follow this journey through recipes, restaurants and all round love of food.

Isn’t it amazing how much time we spend around food?

We celebrate major occasions (Birthday’s, Graduations, promotions, religious holidays like Easter &  Christmas, etc) with food
We raid the fridge when we are sad…  or bored… or just because it is there!
We meet friends for breakfast, brunch, coffee, lunch, drinks and dinner…

So this is sharing platform for recipes, restaurants and general food gathering experiences.

Bon appetite!

In the press:

23 thoughts on “About

  1. Found your blog via LipGlossIsMyLife. I have to commend you on being brave enough to accept not being skinny altho I bet you are fab. I’m also past the 30-oh-no’s and find resisting yummy food more challenging than a shoe sale. Not sure I want to read about your delish treats – don’t need more temptations in my life;) *groan*- but it all looks so good. Thank you for honesty:) xxx

    ps: love the lashes:)

    • Thanks Clouds … I follow your exploits via Leigh & Karisa’s blogs… and I would be even LESS skinny if i had to attend all those glam parties (more temptations of canapes and champagne… ba – my resistance levels are low :))

      And on the topic of shoes… I love them too – especially since it doesn’t matter if i ate one or six cupcakes the night before… they always fit!!


      • Exactly!!! One of my favorite quotes is, ” it doesn’t matter how many inches you gain or lose; you’ll always fit into your shoes”. :))))

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  3. Hi,
    I share two things with you , first I’ve lived some time in south africa (Paarl) and I love this country and secondly I’m a real food lover .
    That’s why , my associate and myself love your blog and would like you to test or foodlover website. We’ve launched 3 months ago restolastminute, where you can eat in well known restaurants or discover new places every day , but with a discount on your bill because you eat in last minute. Try it, you will be fan . Let me know if you want to test our new service.

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