Chatelain Market day: Wednesdays

The Wednesday afternoon-evening market taking place on Place du Chatelain manages to get the whole city buzzing and mingling, sipping wine, eating oysters and catching up with friends… all the while surrounded by the most beautiful looking flowers, fruit, vegetables, meats and cheeses (to name a few).

glorious artichokes… 5 for 2Euros

crate of sunkisses oranges

an array of fromage (aka cheese)

It is marketed as a Food market including organic produce,  starting at 14h00 and ending at 19h00. With serious shoppers getting there earlier to take advantage of the wide array of produce … while for many others – this is just a weekly gathering for an *after-work* drink… which often migrates to one of the neighbouring Chatelain pubs or restaurants.

My first experience was pure and utter joy… all this glorious looking food… I think I walked around the little square about 10times… and the thing that fascinated me the most was the fact that you could buy a glass of wine (in a proper wine glass) and meander around the stalls making your purchases (or stand and enjoy the vino in the streets with others). Clearly this would not work in SA… as the glassware would never be returned – but rather furnish someones apartment!! 🙂

Photo’s courtesy of Angela D!!!


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