Food Gadget Shopping – Dille and Kamille

Everyone who knows me … knows that I am absolutely crazy about things food related! Breakfasts, lunches and dinners… in or out;  3hour Sunday brunches (preferably with a glass or two of bubbles); food markets; food shopping; cooking gadgets and food gadget/appliance shops!

So when M introduced me to Dille & Kamille… I fell in L<3VE straight away!!!

The store is tucked away in side street called Jean Stasstraat off Avenue Louise near Place Stephanie… and looks so amazingly inviting with all the plants on the sidewalk outside… like the entrance to Eden!

As you walk through the front doors – you are assaulted (in a good way) with this marvellous array of homeware!!!

Nothing could have prepared me for the selection of house, garden and kitchen ware basics – all with natural materials, functional designs and authentic feel!

inside of the store

The true essence of the concept is about taking time for yourself and for your surroundings, enjoying the everyday things and taking pleasure in good service, convenience of kitchen ware that fit snugly in your hand, the seductive scent of herbal tea, the softness of soap – with particular emphasis on everyday products… THIS is what makes life enjoyable!

I love it!! They talk about good cooking starts with good utensils! Hooray to that thought! And with 1001 handy items – you are sure to find the right utensil! Natural simplicity at its best… no garish displays, neon signs or piercing music … just a warm, peaceful and inviting environment that allows you to leave the hustle and bustle of the streets behind and find solace in a happy place 🙂


Address: Jean Stasstraat 16, 1060 Brussels

Telephone: +32 2 538 8125



Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 09h30-18h30


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