Me(zza) happy at O Liban

A skip, hop and a jump away from the Chatelain Market was this Lebanese Restaurant that we decided to try out (post a flute of bubbles and some fresh vegetable market shopping that is obligatory on a Wednesday night in this area!)

Literally on the corner of Vleurgat and Waterloo… is a beautifully decorated Lebanese Restaurant offering an alluring array of gorgeous mezza options!

The owner Mike and his team offer not only the dining-in option but also the *traiteur* snack offering so that you can take it away and enjoy at home! With 80 seats, it isn’t a small restaurant but still manages to maintain a level of coziness! Upstairs offers a more *plush* environment with crisp white table clothes … while downstairs has a more relaxed Vibe. More pluses, included the fact that they are open daily, have a terrasse at the back for those gorgeous sunny days AND they also offer a belly dancing show over the weekends! (hmmm – another trip might be required :))

the downstairs relaxed portion of the restaurant… with the terrace in the background

We sat downstairs, outside (on the sidewalk) as the weather was fantastic and took advantage of their *plat du choix* which is essentially 6 vegetarian mezza items plus either a kebab/satay of chicken; a kofta or some cooked lamb. Our Veggie friend went for the vegetarian offering – which is 8 vegetarian mezza options!

The vegetarian plate (with falafel)

M’s plate with the Kofta

We got the taste explosion of wonderful fresh items that includes Houmous; Tabouleh (parsley/onion/tomatoes in lemon juice and olive oil); Labneh (cream and yoghurt based dip); Moutabal (cooked aubergines); Batata harra (spicy potatoes); Mousakaa (Aubergines cooked with tomatoes and onions); Falafel; Beans… etc etc…

My plate – with the chicken kebab

R’s plate with the cooked lamb

and we washed this all down with a bottle of Lebanese Rose (Gris… or Grey Wine as it is called)

Would I go back again? DEFINITELY!


address: 324 Chaussee de Vleurgat, 1050, Brussels

Telephone: +32 2 640 0707

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 07h00-23h00; Monday/Sunday: 07h00-16h00



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