low calorie Raspberry Swiss Roll

Anyone who knows Marian Keyes (the author of numerous books – including her latest which is actually a baking cookbook about how she survived depression by baking!!!) will know that when she writes non-fiction items, she always refers to her husband as HIMSELF. I love this idea… and since I am loath to bringing people’s names into the blog (for fear of them appearing on google search for unsuspecting stalkers)… I, too, am going to start referring to the significant other in my life as HIM 🙂

So last Friday, HIM didn’t have to work… and I had agreed to feed us …. I made a healthy chicken, beetroot and feta salad (another blog to follow) and then decided that we needed a treat to finish off the meal … something light … but sweet!!

While flipping through one of my numerous foodie magazines… I stumbled across the following tempting treat in the WeightWatchers April 2012 issue in the Promotional page for *Silver spoon Half spoon* sugar. Claiming to get all the taste with half the calories… who was I to argue 🙂

They teamed up with BakingMad.com (everything you want to know about baking) to provide a low-calorie Raspberry Roulade with only 134calories per serving and only 8.1% fat!!

Normally, I am sceptical about desserts that claim to be low in calories and fat… surely, they can’t taste as good as the full fat, high calorie options… right??!!?? Well – wrong! This little dessert treat is fantastic!! Easy to make, easy to serve and filled my sweet tooth cravings without being too sweet (although HIM said that for his Portuguese sweet tooth – he needed loads more sugar… but I don’t think that this was the recipes fault… but rather his VERY sweet tooth)

Raspberry SwissRoll/Roulade:

3 eggs

60g silver spoon half spoon granulated sugar (plus extra for dusting)

85g self-raising flour

cornflour for dusting

150ml low-fat creme fraiche

125g fresh raspberries

  1. Whisk eggs and sugar in a large bowl until light and fluffy
  2. Sift in the flour and gently fold in
  3. Pour mixture onto greased parchment paper on a swiss roll tin
  4. Bake at 200C for 8-10min
  5. sprinkle sugar and cornflour onto another piece of parchment paper and turn out sponge on this (peeling away the previous piece that was used during baking)
  6. Mix together creme fraiche and the raspberries
  7. Spread mixture over the sponge and roll up carefully



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