lunching at The Loft

Just prior to the Brussels Food Friends Event on Saturday 21st April… the organising team meet up for some last-minute administration and organisational discussion (i.e. drinking & eating)….

Somewhere nearby The Hotel… so that we could have a quick catch up, calm our nerves & basically just get ourselves ready for A-C-T-I-O-N!

We stumbled across a place called The Loft – which had been given rave reviews for their cocktail specials (mid-week post-work 2-for-1 kind of specials) – plus we had been discussing hamburgers all day… so having seen these on the menu displayed at the door – we were sold.

loft interior 1

We were pretty much the only patrons in the place… but given that the weather was so FANTASTIC, and that the venue didn’t offer outdoor seating – this was probably the reason that people were not there – rather opting for outdoor terraces to soak up the sun.

loft interior 2

After being ignored for a decent amount of time & then being treated to what can only be described as a certain level of disdain – our waiter deemed it appropriate to take our orders.

And then disappeared for 20min while it was being prepared (now, that I think back… maybe he was fulfilling dual roles??? :))

3 hamburgers & 2 salads….

All 3 hamburgers were ordered to be cooked medium… and I was the lucky winner…as only one of them was pink (mine)… while the other 2 were on the gray side…. Sadly – the poor buns had probably seen better days earlier in the week and mine was toasted to a level that even rice-crackers can’t achieve. The frites & side salad were good.

loft burger

I have to say that the Caprese salad looked amazing

loft caprese salad

but the poor Caesar salad have never been to Rome… with boiled eggs & tomatoes plus hardly any dressing.

loft caesar salad

I am probably being a bit on the harsh side for this review – but considering the service & amazing cube-cakes that we were served a few hours later… and then HIM and I having dating night that same day (that also provided amazing food & excellent service)… I can truly look back on our lunchtime experience at The Loft and say that I was disappointed.

Have you been there? Have you had a different & more rewarding experience?
Please leave me a comment if you have…

The Loft

address: 51 rue de Namur, 1000, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 02 511 5211


5 thoughts on “lunching at The Loft

  1. I think you’re being generous. I wouldn’t even grace them with a back-link after the horrible service they gave. That guy was just plain rude. Despite the complaints I’ve heard about service in Belgium, I’ve rarely experienced it myself… until The Loft.

    • TripAdvisor reviews for The Loft oscillate from *excellent service* to * worst service ever*… so my thoughts are that it is probably waitron based.

      Having said that – this is normally something that management should address…

      And of course… there is always a small part of me that hopes that at least someone has something nice to say about them…..and we just got the *off* day, right?!?

  2. Good to know which places to avoid! I recently discovered a fantastic cheeseburger at Chez Franz – just 5 euros, fast and delicious! I should write a post about it but it was so good I ate it before thinking of taking a picture 🙂

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