Ellis Burger

The search for the perfect (yet humble) burger has not been easy… and the road is still long…

But I can honestly say that in Belgium (Brussels & surrounds) – I have a firm favourite… and that is Ellis Burger!


And I am no stranger to the local Burger offerings – most of which have been pretty good (but none of them mind blowing – except maybe L’Amour Fou… which on a 2nd visit did not live up to the 1st visits experience) – and these include Hard Rock Brussels, Les Super Filles du Tram, Burger Republic, Boston Steakhouse, Les Canailles du Chatelain, The Loft & Cool Bun.

The thing with Ellis (and I have 2 visits under my belt to use as reference) is consistency & efficiency! The first visit was with Michelle from Very Hungry Explorer, HIM and moi.. while the 2nd visit was for Brussels Food Friends 3rd Event (#BxlFF3) where they managed to serve 30people perfectly cooked hamburgers at the same time… as well as starters, drinks, sides, etc…

On arrival at the Maasmechelen Village store – you will notice that there is a queue … and there is always a queue… BUT it moves really quickly and within 10-15minutes you will be seated & placing your orders! Then you can sit back and enjoy the funky ambiance…



Our first visit had Michelle drinking a gorgeous looking milkshake (yes – people – I am also salivating just looking at the picture) – plus a veggie burger (mushrooms & chevre). While HIM kept it simple with a cheeseburger & I enjoyed their Chicken burger (which was so soft that it actually melted in my mouth!)


While our 2nd visit had us nibbling on a “food shot” – shrimp cocktail before chowing down on a delicious bacon & cheese burgers… with coleslaw, salad & frites as sides.


The thing that I love about their burgers is that they don’t fall apart in your hands, the bun is the perfect mixture of soft & firm and the meat is cooked to perfection… slightly pink without being raw (an experience I seem to be getting on a more regular occasion) – and the salad garnish is fresh & crisp (and does not make the bottom of the bun soggy!)… yes, people … a sign of a decent burger!


if you haven’t been to one of their many stores – we recommend it => http://www.ellisgourmetburger.com/en


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