Cube Cakes at The Hotel (with #BxlFF)

Brussels Food Friends (BFF or BXLFF as we hashtaged) hosted their first food blogger meet-up this past weekend at the magnificent “The Hotel” – and let’s just say it…. “if it was good enough for President Obama… then it was more than good enough for us!”

the hotel bar area table

name badges

We were really and truly treated to an afternoon of luxury & decadence… seated in the Bar Lounge area… 25 Belgian based food bloggers got to mingle with each other… as well as with the creative chef genius known as Pierre Balthazar (of The Restaurant) & his patissier Claudio Renzi.

Patis Claudio

Patissier Claudio Renzi

Chef Pierre Balthazar explaining the Cube Cake Concept

Chef Pierre Balthazar explaining the Cube Cake Concept

We were presented with a wide array of choices in their sumptuous Cube Cakes:

cakes 2 cakes 1 cake plate

Red = yoghurt with raspberry
Green = pistachio with strawberry
Orange = chocolate with orange
White = vanilla with green apple and white chocolate
Yellow = passion fruit with mango and white chocolate
Purple = blackberry with lemon and dark chocolate

I tried the White & Green options and have to say that I am 110% won over by the vanilla & green apple combination… DELISH! (particularly as there are hidden chocolate covered puff balls in the green apple centre that just “pop” in your mouth… Mmmm)

my plate

We were also presented with the opportunity to taste-test 3 new cube cake flavours:

White chocolate with pistachio and red fruit
Dark chocolate with kumquat and litchi cream
Milk chocolate with coconut and pineapple

new cakes set up

Of which I can confess being tempted to lick the plate of the Dark chocolate & kumquat offering… (and even as delicious as this option was – I felt that the vanilla cube still held a big part of my stomach heart!)

"kiss me".... ok :)

“kiss me”…. ok 🙂

If you are interested in seeing the photo’s of the entire event – they can be found on the Brussels Food Friends Facebook Page

Not only was The Hotel & The Restaurant amazing hosts for the event – but this venue continues to shine as a beacon of trust when it comes to excellence in food & service.

A gigantic thank you to The Hotel for hosting… as well as to the generous sponsors who provided items for the goodies bags… but lastly… none of this would have been possible without the actual attendee’s on the day!

these goodie bags were fan-tab-ulous...

these goodie bags were fan-tab-ulous…

I should have been a chef... cos I rock this hat :)

I should have been a chef… cos I rock this hat 🙂

the Fab Five organising team with Claudio....

the Fab Five organising team with Claudio….

#BXLFF bloggers....

#BXLFF bloggers…. – March 2014


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