Date night at Le Bugatti

Saturday 29th April proved to be a foodie heaven day!

Not only did I get the chance to mingle with some of the most amazing Belgian Food bloggers at the first #BxlFF event (see who attended here) – but I also got to taste test the Cube Cakes at The Hotel as part of the event (you can read my review here)… and then… that evening was devoted to HIM and date night.

Some of you are aware – but HIM and I have a bit of a clashing calendar… I work Monday-Friday 8am until 5pm, while he works Monday-Friday starting around 5pm-midnight (or later)… therefore, during the week, we rarely see each other in the evenings (unless I go to the restaurant for a bowl of Pasta – which I probably do once a week… but he is working… so I try not to get in the way). Plus – when HIM gets home, I am normally already asleep and when I get up, he is asleep… sometimes one of us opens an eyelid and gives a little grin to the other… and then promptly drift back into Zzzz.

THEREFORE, our weekends are really special to us, and although we try to ensure that we enjoy time with our friends, we also make sure that we have at least one part of the weekend just for us.

And henceforth… DATE NIGHT concept was put into action… no phones, no iPads, no tv… no distractions… an evening out for just the 2 of us. Sometimes our “Date” time is just sitting in a movie theatre holding hands… and then dissecting the story afterwards while sitting on the bus… and other times, we actually get out to a nice (new for us) restaurant, where we can sip wine, hold hands across the table and really chat.

(yes – I am blessed and as some would say… still in the honeymoon phase… but we agreed when we got married that we would ensure that date night would continue to be a part of our life, even when we have the little pitter patter of feet around us)

Right – I digress…

Date night this month was at LE BUGATTI – a fabulous authentic Belgian restaurant just off Vleurgat in Ixelles.

source: TripAdvisor

source: TripAdvisor

We had made a reservation for 7.30pm and were still the first people to arrive… but that didn’t stop the folks working there from welcoming us in with warm smiles and showing us to a delightful little round booth table in the corner.

our corner table was the round one on the right. PHOTO SOURCE: TripAdvisor

our corner table was the round one on the right.

The decor is fantastic… boasting 25years of authenticity

how cute is this place?

how cute is this place?

And the murals of cars are reminiscent of the fact that this spot used to be a private garage from 1885 (annex of the mansion).

le bugatti mural le bugatti mural 2 le bugatti interior

HIM & I decided to share a mixed duet of homemade shrimp croquette & a parmesan cheese croquette served with fried parsley (13€)

le bugatti croquette 2

the round one was cheese & the long one was shrimp... Mmm

the round one was cheese & the long one was shrimp… Mmm

HIM opted for his favourite… Sausages & Stoemp (mashed potatoes) for 13.00€, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

le bugatti stoemp le bugatti stoemp 2

And I had been salivating over the idea of a steak – so I ordered the Chateaubriand which was served with Roquefort sauce, vegetables and frites (23.50€)… and honestly… I can tell you that it actually melted in my mouth – it was SO GOOD… I would probably even go as far as to say that it might just be the best steak that I have eaten in Brussels!

Real potato ....

Real potato ….

best steak EVER....

best steak EVER….

Their menu is so typically Belgian – that you could order anything from Mussels (only when in Season) to Eels in Green sauce to Veal kidneys served with Juniper berries, a Rabbit stew or even Steak Americaine (aka Tartare).

yummy table...

yummy table…

At this point – our little bellies were full and we were happy…. and couldn’t even dream of eating anything further.

Would I go back? In a heartbeat! As already mentioned – this was probably one of the best serviced restaurants from a staff point of view – as they were friendly, engaging, multi-lingual and just the kind of folk that you want to ask to sit down and join you for a glass of wine, because they are so nice! The food was delicious (n0t necessarily cheap but definitely worth every penny)… and it is in wonderful walking distance!


address: 4 rue Jacques Jordaens, 1050, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 646 1417



Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday evenings 19h00-22h30 and Wednesday-Friday lunchs 12h00-14h30


5 thoughts on “Date night at Le Bugatti

  1. thanks so much for this review. I’m new in Brussels (temporary resident!) and looking for somewhere to try tonight with a friend that’s visiting. This place sounds perfect!

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