No churn Strawberry Ice-cream

There has been 2 things that have been top of mind recently thanks to pregnancy cravings… firstly, fruit (which is a good thing… or at least in moderation) and the second item has been ice-cream.

What was a bi-monthly treat (seriously – I didn’t eat more than 6 ice-creams a year) has now turned into a weekly (ok, multiple times a week) requirement…. to the extent where I really need to say to myself “you don’t need this“.

Dietician, Jen Hall, recommended making my own… but I think she had something a bit different in mind 🙂 like freezing banana pieces, blitzing those with berries and having the healthy version… but I found this No churn Strawberry ice-cream recipe on Yummy Tummy and just had to give it a go… (“Jen, I promise that I will be making the healthy version soon as well!”)

no churn strawberry ice cream 5

It took a few minutes to make, overnight to freeze and I have been enjoying a few scoops over the last few days (not every day, ok!). Would I make it again? Yes… but this time with a few frozen banana’s too 🙂

And what a great way to use a glut of fruit, eh?

no churn strawberry ice cream 1

No churn strawberry ice-cream

1kg strawberries (washed, hulled & roughly chopped)
2 tins of condensed milk
500ml cream

  • Purée the strawberries (I left a few a bit roughly chopped so that I could get a bit of texture)
  • Using an electric beater, mix together the condense milk & cream (just to thicken it a bit)
  • Add the 2 mixtures together
  • Place into air-tight containers & freeze overnight

no churn strawberry ice cream 3

no churn strawberry ice cream 6


10 thoughts on “No churn Strawberry Ice-cream

  1. Oooh sounds delicious. I try avoid condensed milk though! Might try a banana one. Even though its freezing here we still love our ice cream

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