healthy berry (fake) ice-cream

At the start of my pregnancy – there were 2 things that I craved… fruit & ice-cream. Going from 3 ice-creams per year to about 3 a week!!! I even made my own no-churn strawberry ice-cream one night (using cream & condense milk)…

But realized that all that sugar was probably not the best idea… so my dietician, Dr Jen suggested freezing pieces of peeled banana and using these as a base for a “creamy”  non-diary ice-cream to be blitz with fruit – so that is exactly what I did!

ice cream 1

1 frozen banana along with a 100g of frozen blackberries & 100g of frozen raspberries produced this wonderful treat.

ice cream 3

As simple as that…. chuck all the ingredients into a blender… and ta da! And the guilt was gone!

ice cream 2


3 thoughts on “healthy berry (fake) ice-cream

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