Why I loved 2016

My initial thought is “But I didn’t love 2016?!?” because there was so much sadness, stress and general unease over the course of the year. HIM’s brother passing away in December, the stress of purchasing property, having it renovated and then moving (while the renovations are still not completed), being sick for a good portion of the year and learning to adapt to a life with a little monkey around.

But in reality – life is good and I am SO blessed. We bought an apartment, had it renovated (the positive side is that it is almost done and it is what we liked/wanted) and moved in with the help of my mother who flew over from SA to help us. We got to watch Monkey embrace her first year (you can read about it on my mommy blog here) and I realized how much my life had changed and the new friends that we have been lucky enough to make. We travelled to Portugal & South Africa to introduce Monkey to her extended family. We were lucky enough to attend 2 beautiful weddings of people we love and cherish. We celebrated 3 years of marriage and I am so grateful to God for giving me the worlds most amazing husband (& father to our daughter).

And through it all – I still managed to publish 53 blog posts here on my food blog, start a Mommy blog called Monkey and Me Web where I published 31 tongue-in-cheek mommy-type blog posts.

A recap of 2016 showed me that these are my (and your) favourite food blog:

Top 5 recipe posts of 2016:


  1. Crunchies (Oat Flapjacks)
  2. Rhubarb Cake with Dr Oetker
  3. oven baked Zucchini Fries
  4. Pumpkin Fritters
  5. Banana Upside down cinnamon cake

My Top 5 Finds in 2016:

coco 3

Your top 5 most read posts (since my blog started):

carrot cake 4

  1. Flapjacks or Crumpets?
  2. Paul Hollywoods Traditional Scones
  3. My Granny’s chocolate-coconut Biscuit Recipe
  4. Pineapple fluff dessert
  5. Sugar Free Carrot & Apple Cake

And finally, my wish for 2017 is that you all embrace each & every day; tell those who you care about that you love them and find forgiveness in your heart (and soul) to avoid any ill feelings. May you endure the rain to appreciate the rainbow and more than anything – share good food!



Why I loved 2015

How is it February 2016 already??? Where did 2015 go… and how have we already rushed through a month and a half of 2016??

I loved 2015… so many good memories, so here is a quick recap: I continued to post as regularly as I could, but due to pregnancy and new babies… there were times that I didn’t manage it, however, I did manage to schedule a few posts – one of which happened to go live the day that I was in labour and I remember a friend of mine being shocked that I had published a post while in hospital 🙂 Hee hee.. What the blog does show, is that I managed to write & publish 77 new blog posts (bringing my total to 522 since I started in Feb 2012).  And here are a few of my (and your) favourites:

My top 5 favourite Restaurant Reviews in 2015:

Takumi Donburi Rice bowl

Takumi Donburi Rice bowl

My Top 5 favourite Recipes in 2015:



YOUR top 5 posts (most read):

  1. SA style Flapjacks/Crumpets
  2. How do you spell Hummus/Humus/Houmus?
  3. Scones (Paul Hollywood’s recipe)
  4. Broccoli & Courgette soup
  5. Pineapple fluff dessert


And finally, on a personal note:

  • In Feb 2015, HIM and I found out that we were going to be growing our family from 2 to 3
  • March & July => Hosted 2 more events with Brussels Food Friends (which was nominated & in the running for a Visit Brussels Award)
  • May was busy with a trip back to Cape Town, a silent retreat weekend in Wepion, Namur & a girly shopping day at Maasmechelen village
  • Throughout the year, we were happy to welcome friends who were visiting from afar: HIM’s friends Rita & Ricardo as well as Paulo & Angela from Portugal, Jon from South Africa – plus meeting up in London with one of my Besties, Kirsty and her new born baby boy (all the way from SA)
  • October saw our Little Miss enter into this world … after a brief & somewhat easy (thank goodness) & natural labour – as a beautiful, bouncy and healthy baby
  • November was when we celebrated our 2nd year of marriage (forever to be known as the amazing HIM)
  • And finally, December was when both my parents visited us in Brussels… where we got to celebrate Little Miss’s baptism with friends & family

all in all – a fully and happy 2015… How was yours???

Wishing you all an amazing, happy & healthy 2016….