Secret Gourmand…sweet and savoury tarts

As HIM works in the Chatelain area – he found this boutique shop a few months ago (as you can see from an earlier instagram post)


BUT I recently got treated to a Secret Gourmand delivery… which sported not one, but TWO delicious sweet tarts!


Started in 2009 by 2 pie loving visionaries, Philippe Collignon (the pastry king) & Gérald Evers (the entrepreneur) in a workshop in the centre of Brussels with only 6 oven plates, a mixer & 2 tables – but enough passion (& taste) to get the ball rolling. In 2014, they moved the workshop to Chaussée de Waterloo and more pies were provided. In 2015, a 2nd shop was opened in Place du Chatelain (yippee yeah…), and half way through 2016… a THIRD shop was opened at St Xavier de Bue!


Success comes to those who make it… and this team is making DELICIOUSNESS…

HIM & I both adored this Cherry & Pistachio cream Crumble (11-18€ depending on size) – as we have ordered it ourselves before! A Cherry crumble with pistachio cream & shortbread crumb… with the pistachio cream reminding me of marzipan…


This was the first time that we tried the Passion Fruit tart (12-20€)… and it didn’t disappoint! Almond Dacquoise, passion fruit cream & caramel crust… it was like eating a Crème Brule tart with passion fruit flavour. YUM


These were so good – but my ultimate favourite of their’s must be the Chocolate peanut Tart (12-20€) as it reminds me of Reese’s Pieces (not that I am American or anything…) with a shortbread crust, crunchy peanut butter vanilla mousse & chocolate ganache!

AND – they not only make sweet treats – but they also have a great selection of Savoury pies (aka Quiches) as well. With interesting combinations like Salmon & Broccoli, Crab & Asparagus, Tartiflette (potatoes, cheese, etc) with truffles, and and and…

Share the love – pop into one of the 3 stores & get yourself one (you wont be sorry) or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or instagram

ENORMOUS thanks to the Secret Gourmand & the Claudia Lomma Teams for sending us these tarts to taste!

Secret Gourmand


  1. 887 Chaussée de Waterloo, Uccle: Mon-Sat: 10h00-18h00
  2. 49 Place du Chatelain, Ixelles: Tues-Sat: 11h00-19h00 & Sun: 11h00-15h00
  3. 72 Rue Xavier de Bue, Uccle: Mon-Sun: 10h30-18h30


Disclaimer: Although no money changed hands for this post, we did get to enjoy these treats. All opinions & comments expressed are 100% our own & 100% honest


Blueberry Pie (SRC)

OMG… how is it SRC time again? This month as zoomed by at an amazing rate… with Monkey teething (top 2 are starting to make their appearance (and presence) known… and felt), plus a whole lot of training at work and travel on the cards (combination of a weeks holiday in Portugal with HIM and Monkey… and then work trips to Helsinki and Amsterdam in the next few weeks… and THEN… our big holiday in South Africa.. woohoo). Anyhoo – I digress…

This months Secret Recipe Club (SRC) reveal showcases the lovely Wendy of “A Day in the Life on the Farm“. She and her husband are retired police officers who decided to trade in the hustle & bustle of city life for a more quiet existence on a farm. HA! if you read her blog – you will quickly realize that quiet is not a word to be used lightly! Wendy is a busy lady! Up until recently, she looked after her 94 year old mom (who sadly has dementia) but has taken to living in a care home with ease. She is also a granny!!! An avid reader, blogger, gardener. hiker and scuba diver… to name a few… I am not sure where she has all this time!!

I loved her blog… and found it VERY difficult just to choose one recipe… I wanted to make the Tangerine Honey white bread, the Jamacian Me Hungry Muffins, the cherry strudel, or the coconut prawns (to name a few)… but eventually decided to make use of the abundance of blueberries by (re)creating this Blueberry Slab Pie!


Easy as Pie… ha ha… no, seriously… using store-bought pastry made my life SO much easier (and thanks for that tip Wendy) and of course the taste… YUMMY! (FYI – I reduced the quantity by half …). I made this pie using shop-bought circular pastry… therefore no longer a *slab* and took it with to our Church Meet-n-Greet where it went down a treat! By the time HIM got to the table, there was only 1 slice left!


Blueberry Pie

3 cups of blueberries
2x store-bought pastry
1/4 cup of sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
zest of 1/2 lemon
1 egg beaten

  • Combine berries, sugar, cinnamon & lemon zest in a bowl and leave to rest while you prepare the pie dough/crust
  • Roll out the one portion of pastry onto a greased baking tray
  • Evenly spread the blueberries across the pastry
  • Top with the 2nd portion of pastry
  • Crimp the bottom & top pastry together
  • brush with beaten egg
  • Cut vent holes with a sharp knife (very important)
  • Bake for 30-40min at 200C


Lemon Icebox Pie (SRC)

Yippee yeah, yippee yeah… it’s SRC (Secret Recipe Club) monthly reveal time again!


For those who haven’t been up to speed on what SRC is – it is a Secret-Santa blog swap, whereby each blogger receives another bloggers website to check out & make a recipe from – then the entire group reveals their post on the same day at the same time… TA DA!

This month, I got A Spoonful of Thyme – how brilliant is that name??? I love the playfulness of Thyme versus Time 🙂 especially when we talk about a cooking blog! Kate follows in her Grandma’s (and mothers) footsteps by embracing the kitchen and cooking for others with her whole heart. And I love how Kate says as a child she was given the “important job” of sitting on the porch swing to watch her Grandma’s pies cool down – something she took very seriously. I have to be honest… I couldn’t be trusted around my Grandma’s baking… I used to steal her fresh-out-of-the-oven biscuits and go & sit (ahum *hide*) in the backyard tree to eat them… hee hee… So KUDU’s to Kate!

Did I mention that she has been part of a *gourmet group* for 33years?? *RESPECT*

I had so much fun reading her blog and scouring her recipe index – wondering if I should make her coconut cream bars (because I also have a lifelong love affair with coconut), sprinkle pudding cookies (because I have never even considered using pudding in a cookie!!), this beef & beer pie (because the picture alone had me drooling) and cheesy stuffed pull apart bread (aka crack bread) – because who doesn’t love bubbly melted cheese, bacon & bread, eh?

lemon icebox pie 2

But I finally decided on making her Lemon Icebox Pie… because this warm summer weather in Brussels has me screaming for fresh, tangy types of desserts… and also because I am a sucker for any lemon based desserts as well 🙂

lemon icebox pie 1

Lemon Icebox Pie

130g crushed biscuits (Marie or digestive)
9 Tablespoons butter, melted
1 cup cream
1 tin (340g) sweetened condensed milk
2 large lemons, juiced (& zest of 1)

  • Line in a loaf pan with greased parchment paper
  • Combine biscuits and melted butter in a bowl and press into pan to make a base and place in fridge
  • Beat the cream until you have stiff peaks
  • Add condensed milk, lemon juice & lemon zest & mix well
  • The mixture will be thick (as the lemon juice reacts with mixture)
  • Pour over the crust
  • sprinkle more lemon zest over the top
  • Cover & refrigerate until set (at least 2hours)
  • Cut into squares and serve

lemon icebox pie 3