Courgette and Feta pastry wreath

Probably one of the simplest recipes that I have ever encountered and completely inspired by Marie Gourmandise – whose Instagram photos are always so beautiful, light and simple but utterly delectable! I was even lucky enough to sit next to her at a Smartmat blogger event 2years ago.

One of the upsides to Monkey growing up is that she can now help me a bit in the kitchen… or at least it is *helping* in her vocabulary, while in mine it is sometimes a case of her stealing & eating my props while I attempt to take a photo …. but those hands… aren’t they too cute??? (yes – I am biased!) But this might just become a trend …

In general – I have made this pastry wreath about 3 or 4 times already and each time, tweaking it a bit – which means that you too can adapt accordingly.

Courgette & Feta pastry wreath

1 pre-made pastry
1 medium courgette/zucchini/baby marrow – sliced (whatever you call it in your own country)
1 tub boursin – I used the herby version (but any cream cheese version will work)
1/2 block of feta – cubed

  • lay the pastry on a greased piece of baking paper on your baking tray
  • as the pre-made pastry that I had purchased was already round – I only had score the edges and make a star shape cuts in the centre. Be careful that you leave a ring around the centre uncut as this is where your filling will go
  • spoon the cream cheese (boursin) around your uncut ring, top with slices of courgette & feta
  • Fold the pastry over the filling starting with the outside first (see images above for direction)
  • Egg wash if you like… I don’t as I find it browns/burns too quickly
  • Bake for 20-25minutes at 200C


Shells la’famous warm butternut salad

I have mentioned Shellzie-babes before… she, Kir and I have been mates since std 6 (grade 8)… and I have been blessed to be bridesmaid at both of their weddings (they haven’t been so blessed – because I haven’t managed to find someone who wants to be shackled to me for the rest of my life… YET :))

Shells is in charge of New Product Development for a company called *Eat Art* which is about living food by the company, Kalk Bay Foods. Kalk Bay Foods (part of the Cape Herb and Spice company) was started in 2003 as the innovative fine food gifting company which incorporates food trends, current designs and creative packaging to produce luxury gifting concept. While Eat Art started in 2009, when it saw a gap in the market for gifting sets to suit all budgets and is already available in 9countries!

And it was through Eat Art (and Shells) that I was first exposed to Wonki Ware… which is uniquely crafted pottery made by Di Marshall and her team of potters in George (on the Garden Route in South Africa).

Eat Art offers different gifting options with the Wonki Ware dishes and fabulous herbs/spices/etc – so check out the Eat Art Website for more details! (as per image below which is the Pasta set)

Di started her Wonki Ware business 10years ago and currently employing 40 local people from disadvantaged backgrounds… giving them the opportunity to become skilled, valuable contributors to their communities!

The reason I love my blue Wonki Ware bowl is because it isn’t perfect… it is wonki in a beautiful way… so unique and special – that it reminds me that every individual is unique and special and this is one item that reflects the essence of African growth! A little dream of one woman, who shared her pottery workshop and built a fantastic community growing enterprise!

And what a perfect way to showcase a recipe that I have enjoyed at Shells house – but in my Wonki Ware bowl!!

Warm Butternut Salad on baby spinach

500g Butternut (peeled and cut into chunks)

Olive oil

Salt & Pepper

Half a bag of baby spinach leaves

200g feta (either crumbled or cut into blocks)

Pumpkin seeds

Balsamic Vinegar

  1. Place cubes of butternut into a roasting pan with generous glugs of olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper (I also added sprigs of thyme as I adore the smell)
  1. Roast at 180C for about 20-30min
  2. Leave to cool for 10-20min
  3. Wash baby spinach leaves and place in your Wonki Ware bowl (if you don’t have a Wonki Ware bowl – then click on the link above and order one ;))
  4. Top with butternut (without the thyme) and feta
  5. Sprinkle on the pumpkin seeds
  6. Give a good glug of Balsamic vinegar to add the finishing touches!

Shells also suggests an alternative topping to the olive oil and balsamic vinegar by topping the salad with some fresh pesto, olive oil and lemon juice …