Bao Bang Bang, Brussels

Sometimes I think I know food… and sometimes it is proved that I have barely scratched the surface of deliciousness…. and this is just one of those times!

M and I were in search of nourishment last week, we had been eyeing out a chicken place on Vleurgat (Ixelles), but it has either been closed or being set up for an event (the latter was our experience on this particular evening), so we meandered down Bailli to find that it was too early for Dim Sum… and on we walked until we passed Chatelain and into the quaint, simple but homely restaurant called BAO BANG BANG.

I had no idea what a Bao was… so M did a quick google search and we were eager to try out these Taiwanese soft, steamed buns filled with goodness. Apparently, it is considered street food and once the bao is garnished, it looks like the tiger jaw shaped around the filling.

Service was really friendly. Ambiance is relaxed but warm, homely and stylish. It was only 7pm, one were one of the only tables seated, but once we left at 8pm, it was half full…

I ordered a beer, while M opted for a glass of white wine.

Food wise – it was cheap and cheerful and we both ordered 2 dishes (one item each from their Boa section and one item each from their “Side dishes”) – lets just say that we did NOT go hungry! Portion sizes are generous at these prices!

Duck Bao: 6,50€: M says it was amazing…

Pork Bao: 6€… crispy pork belly with Hoisin sauce, carrots, cabbage, peanuts, coriander… OMG (I originally wanted to order the pulled pork Boa but it was not available… I wasn’t upset… it just gives me an excuse to go back!)

Kimchi Ball: 6€… again M was in heaven!

Rice Burger: 6.50€. Crispy crumbed chicken breast sandwiched between 2 “sticky rice” buns and 2 gorgeous onion rings, plus a homemade mayo….

Would I return? Absolutely….


address: Rue de L’Aqueduc 155, 1050, Ixelles, Brussels, BELGIUM
telephone: +32 2 538 85 58
Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12h00-14h30; 19h00-22h30


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