Duck Parade at Vergenoegd Wine Estate

I have been eager to visit Vergenoegd Wine Estate for years… because of their famed duck parade!!

More than 1.000 Indian Ducks “work” on this farm. Instead of the vineyard using pesticides, they rely on the ducks to keep the vines in tip top shape by eating up all those pesty bugs and snails. DUCK PARADES: 10H30, 12H30 & 15H30 (Mon – Sun) where you can witness the waddle of these beautiful feathered friends from their home to work.

Things to note: They operate on a reservation basis only, so don’t think that you can just “pop in”. They also charge R10 per adult on entry (children under 12 are free) and this is used towards their Integrated Pest Management and Duck Research Program. This voucher is redeemable as a discount voucher in their shop, restaurant, wine or one of their activities.

We arrived early enough to enjoy breakfast before the 10.30am parade and were one of the first patrons sitting on their outdoor patio at 9am (which is when they were still setting up). Their breakfast menu is limited… essentially 3 choices (Filled Croissant, Breakfast or Cinnamon oats) but even if there wasn’t a big choice, what they did serve was absolutely delicious!

HIM and Mommabear ordered the Breakfast (R65): Bacon and spinach with scrambled cheesy eggs on toast.

While I had the Filled Croissant (R55): Brie, Chorizo & sundried tomatoes on French toast croissant.

Once our bellies were full and Monkey had a bit of run around the lawn (having already sighted the ducks on their waddle from their enclosure to the nearby pond and “inspected” the staff who were sweeping out a side building for their Deli which was getting ready to be opened) – we settled under the trees to cheer these workers onto their daily chore. A truly enthralling and unique experience to witness …

Would we return? Difficult to say. I wanted to visit and I am so glad that we did, but I did feel that the estate wasn’t really ready to be commercial yet (almost nothing in their little “shop” and so much potential to be an estate where you could spend the entire day!!). I have read that their tea or wine blending activities are great, but we were possibly there to early in the week day to see the estate at its best (or fullest). What I can say is that there is quiet charm about the place and if you haven’t ever visited, then I recommend that you do give it a go. Even if it is only to pay the R10 for entry to see the ducks waddle to work!


address: Baden Powell Drive, Stellenbosch Wine Route, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
telephone: +27 21 843 3248
Opening hours: 08h00-17h00



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