Chocolate chip cheesecake with Dr Oetker

Just in time for the Belgian National holiday (21st July) – I was spoilt with a goodie box of Dr Oetker baking goodies.

The Challenge was simple enough – “Belgian National Holiday”… so I started brainstorming Belgian foods… Frites (although tasty… I am not sure that baked in a cake would suffice); Beer (a great bread ingredient… but in cakes… I am not so sure.. unless we are talking Guinness Chocolate cake); cheese (I know that they say that French cheese is the best… but if you saw what was on offer in Belgium, you would also smile)… which left me the well known Belgian Chocolate…  because, who doesn’t love Belgian Chocolate? And what better way to celebrate the National day than with one of the worlds favourite Belgian foods!

choc chip cheesecake 3

Thank goodness Dr Oetker makes baking so simple… everything was in the box mix, except for cream & cream cheese (for the filling) and 25g melted butter (for the biscuit base)… and of course, I added my own chocolate kick… nutella and chocolate chips! AND they even supply the baking “tin” (a cardboard cutout) – so even the washing up isn’t a problem!

choc chip cheesecake

Belgian Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

1 Dr Oetker Cheesecake Box Mix
500g cheesecake
200ml cream
25g butter
2 Tablespoons Nutella spread
3/4 cup of chocolate chips

  • Make cheesecake base according to the box instructions
  • After making the base and putting it in the “tin” – spoon on your nutella
  • Make cheesecake filling according to the box instructions – adding the chocolate chips
  • Bake according to instructions

choc chip cheesecake 1

It couldn’t have been easier!


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