Berry Popsicles

When I was pregnant with our little Monkey (not a real monkey, mind you – although sometimes her 9.5month mobility activities do have me wondering…), I developed such a sweet tooth! I couldn’t finish a day without having an ice-cream or a piece of chocolate before bed. Sadly… this habit has extended into my post-natal life as well. Which means that I need to get savvy when it comes to sweet things, otherwise my jeans will never fit again…

And of course, with the mini heat wave that Brussels has had over the past weekend… Ice-cream seems to the be preferred choice. (Don’t worry – I am not complaining about the heat – only making the statement that we have had it 🙂 and hopefully this is just the beginning of summer!) I had previously make a “fake” cheats berry ice-cream, so this a bit of a take on this … but in popsicle format!

berry popsicles 1

Simple, healthy and tasty… no more guilt! hurray! The addition of the banana’s and the yoghurt give it a more creamy texture and this time, there is no need to freeze the fruit before hand! I used baby yoghurt (found in the local Delhaize) so that I could share this treat with her without worrying about additives, sugar, etc. She pulled a funny face with the first mouthful – probably because it was a lot colder than she anticipated – but she still managed about a dessert spoon full (brain freeze face with each mouthful… hee hee… but that didn’t stop her from baby-bird mouth open for the next morsel!).

berry popsicles 3

I got these moulds from Ikea… cheap, colourful and cheerful… and trust me… every shop in Brussels seems to be selling something similar at the moment!

Berry Popsicles

100g raspberries
100g blueberries
100g yoghurt
1 banana

  • blitz everything with a hand held blender (or whichever method you prefer)
  • Pour into popsicle moulds
  • Freeze for a few hours
  • In order to get the popsicle out of the cover, hold the cover under warm running water to melt it a little bit (just enough to loosen the cover)

berry popsicles 2


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