Introducing…. Cirkle

I remember a few years back being told about a BIO fruit/vegetable delivery service called Reason2Be, and I looked at the site… but decided that I didn’t need a regular fruit/vegetable box delivered … and left it at that.

However, the joys of having a 4.5month old in my life while going back to work full-time, means that HIM spends his days with her and his nights working, and I spend my days working and my nights with her. Which doesn’t leave much time to head out to do grocery shopping (except on Saturday mornings and even then, our time is completely dependent on Little Miss – when she last slept, ate, poo-ed, etc….) and sometimes you just want to relax on a Saturday and not rush around like a mad thing – right??

I had previously had the honour to test our recipe kit delivery services like Smartmat, HelloFresh and Flavour Delivered (these tests were done as a blogger and I didn’t have to pay for their services or the test boxes that I received) – but this time, I made the decision to try out a new option on my own (i.e. this is NOT a sponsored or promotional post)

circkle logo

Back to trying out the CIRKLE  concept–  the new & improved site for Reason2Be which offers a whole range more than just fruit & vegetable boxes! You can now get quiches & tarts from Les Tartes De Francoise, meat products from well-known Butcher Jack O’Shea’s, a full range of different types of breads from Lowy,  dried natural & organic foods from SuperSec, dried tea from Unami, Oxfam fairtrade products, delicious biscuits from Maison Dandoy… not to mention a range of craft beers, Bio wines and obviously… fruit & vegetables!!!

You can choose to purchase box sets (fruit, vegetables, or a combination of both, with or without meat & eggs, recipe kits, discovery boxes, wine boxes, craft beer boxes, etc….) or you can purchase items individually and add to your cart! You create an online account, load some funds into it (VISA, Maestro, etc) – and select your delivery day and time range (day/evening). You do need to finalise your order by 06h00 the day before your delivery day – but up until then, you can go in as many times as you like to make changes to your order.

On the day of delivery, you can check your online account and it will tell you who your delivery driver will be and what time frame you can expect your delivery to be made (i.e. 13h30-14h30). You can also check their twitter account to see if they are on time or not (as they load a daily tweet to say if they are on time or running late)

I placed my first order this week and spent 85euros (which included the 3euros delivery charge)… it may sound like a lot of money for a fruit/vegetable box… but I worked out that we got 5 full meals for 2 people plus fruit, cheese, bread, hummus, etc. So a weeks worth of meals (including 2 meals with meat!)

So what did I buy??

here it is…..

cirkle 1


  • Meal 1: small Quiche Lorraine from Les Tartes de Francoise (which I served with a salad (ingredients already in my fridge)… and also managed to take some to work for lunch the following day)
  • Meal 2: Recipe Kit* for Spaghetti di Timilia with aubergine, baby tomatoes, basil & goats cheese
  • Meal 3: Recipe Kit* for thick butternut, lentil & garlic stew
  • Meal 4: Recipe Kit* for bacon & mushroom risotto
  • Meal 5: Pork Sausages from Jack O’Shea which I will serve with carrot stoemp (potatoes already in our cupboard)
  • Fruit: Banana’s & apples
  • Vegetables: Carrots (already mentioned above to go into our stoemp), fresh herb pot of basil, 2 green peppers
  • Other: loaf of spelt sliced bread, Danish blue cheese, block of cheddar cheese and a tub of hummus

*The Recipe kit that I purchased was a 3meal pack for 2people (39.99€) and even included a mini bottle of wine for the making of the risotto 🙂

Recipe Kit #1

Recipe Kit #1: Spaghetti di Timilia with aubergine, baby tomatoes, basil & goats cheese

Not only was the driver, Fabien, on time and super helpful by unpacking the cardboard boxes from his cooler packs onto my kitchen counter, as I was one-handed holding Little Miss who refused to be put down in case she missed something exciting happening – but he also spent time explaining the recycling part of their offering! I can use the cardboard boxes that my delivery was made in to box up a range of items that they would collect at their next delivery. This includes batteries, old used vegetable oil, mobile phones, printer cartridges, books, CD’s, DVD’s and baby clothes to name a few. Some is for disposable and others (like the books, cd’s, etc) are then sold via Oxfam for charity.

Would I use them again? Yes… I reckon we will become regular users at least twice a month and am looking forward to trying out a few more recipe kits (not to mention their wine selection 🙂 now that I can enjoy a glass of wine again!)

Show your support and check them out:



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