Why I loved 2015

How is it February 2016 already??? Where did 2015 go… and how have we already rushed through a month and a half of 2016??

I loved 2015… so many good memories, so here is a quick recap: I continued to post as regularly as I could, but due to pregnancy and new babies… there were times that I didn’t manage it, however, I did manage to schedule a few posts – one of which happened to go live the day that I was in labour and I remember a friend of mine being shocked that I had published a post while in hospital 🙂 Hee hee.. What the blog does show, is that I managed to write & publish 77 new blog posts (bringing my total to 522 since I started in Feb 2012).  And here are a few of my (and your) favourites:

My top 5 favourite Restaurant Reviews in 2015:

Takumi Donburi Rice bowl

Takumi Donburi Rice bowl

My Top 5 favourite Recipes in 2015:



YOUR top 5 posts (most read):

  1. SA style Flapjacks/Crumpets
  2. How do you spell Hummus/Humus/Houmus?
  3. Scones (Paul Hollywood’s recipe)
  4. Broccoli & Courgette soup
  5. Pineapple fluff dessert


And finally, on a personal note:

  • In Feb 2015, HIM and I found out that we were going to be growing our family from 2 to 3
  • March & July => Hosted 2 more events with Brussels Food Friends (which was nominated & in the running for a Visit Brussels Award)
  • May was busy with a trip back to Cape Town, a silent retreat weekend in Wepion, Namur & a girly shopping day at Maasmechelen village
  • Throughout the year, we were happy to welcome friends who were visiting from afar: HIM’s friends Rita & Ricardo as well as Paulo & Angela from Portugal, Jon from South Africa – plus meeting up in London with one of my Besties, Kirsty and her new born baby boy (all the way from SA)
  • October saw our Little Miss enter into this world … after a brief & somewhat easy (thank goodness) & natural labour – as a beautiful, bouncy and healthy baby
  • November was when we celebrated our 2nd year of marriage (forever to be known as the amazing HIM)
  • And finally, December was when both my parents visited us in Brussels… where we got to celebrate Little Miss’s baptism with friends & family

all in all – a fully and happy 2015… How was yours???

Wishing you all an amazing, happy & healthy 2016….


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