The Sisterhood of World Bloggers

Monday 8th March was my blogs 4th Birthday… I published a post about *butter dips* (think golden butter crusted bread that has *tasty* written all over them) and it got me thinking about the last 4years… and why I still love pouring my heart & soul into this “unreal” world.

So when Sandy from S Marks the Spots invited me to be a part of The Sisterhood of World Bloggers chain I knew that I just had to do it! And here are my answers…

What’s your all-time favourite destination?

This is a really difficult one…. Because living as an South African expat in Brussels means that I often refer to 2 different cities as “Home” – namely, Cape Town & Brussels. I love living in Brussels because my heart is here (otherwise known as the wonderful husband HIM and my Little Miss), the amazing travel opportunities from here, an amazing group of friends plus financial support because of my job.


But I do so love visiting Cape Town… the mountain, the ocean, the nearby winelands, Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens (Boomslang walk way pictured above) and of course my family & friends that are there.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party, alive or dead?

Freddie Mercury (all time favourite singer … from the band Queen… if you didn’t know that, then I am seriously concerned), Pope Francis, Hugh Laurie (especially as his Dr. Gregory House character), Trevor Noah (South African comedian), Julia Child (for the love of cream & butter!) and of course HIM (my wonderful husband)

Which post are you most proud of?

Probably one of my earlier recipe posts (2012) for Pronutro (a type of South African cereal) Chocolate Biscuits that I submitted to a South African food magazine called Woolworths TASTE that they actually published in their July 2012 printed magazine. (“I got published!!” Twice….)

choco pronutro squares

Do you have a favorite travel app?

No, I don’t actually… I often check out Trip Advisor or use the google box before travelling, otherwise I like to leave a little bit to chance … oh, wait! This is me – OCD (or CDO) at the absolute limit – which means that I research the interweb about where we are heading and what we can do! But a specific travel app… nope.

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?

My favourite is definitely the people that I have met through the blogosphere… the most amazing, wonderful bloggers who I have engaged with on social media platforms and had the joy of meeting face to face. This sense of camaraderie … the only other people who understand why you can’t eat your food until I have taken a photograph of it 🙂 And why recipes need to be done during the day in order to be photographed in natural day light….

My least favourite thing about blogging is that I don’t have enough time… being wife, a new mommy, a full time employee and hopefully a good friend, means that I don’t have as much time as I would like to make, taste & photograph. But for the time being I am happy doing 2 published posts per week – every Monday & Friday!

Is there anything in particular that you like to do when you visit somewhere new?

eat…. as simple as that. (with or without the local alcoholic beverage :))

reubens 6

Which destination have you visited that has surprised you the most?

Mykonos in Greece! I never considered myself a beach or pool kind of gal… so spending 3days on an island with beach/pool access was a real eye opener and the first time that I felt like I had had a proper holiday!

We stayed at the Myconian Ambassador Hotel and our days started with champagne buffet breakfast, followed by lounging at the pool before ordering cocktails and nibbles for lunch, an afternoon nap, sundowners on our little terrace balcony and dinner at one of the beach side restaurants…. plus a detour for spa treatments and testing out their salt pools in the hotel basement.


What’s your pet peeve?

When someone says that they will do something and they don’t and I have to chase after them for an explanation. I am pretty understanding normally… if you can’t do something, just say so and I will be ok with it – promise! I know that everyone’s lives are busy and we all have the right to say *no*… but please don’t let me down.

What’s your most treasured possession?

Besides my husband, daughter, family & friends – all of whom are treasure to me. My material treasured possessions would be my collection of rings… probably a strange set of items to treasure – but they each have their own story. From the ruby ring my grandmother used to wear, to the diamond ring my Aunt Jules wore, to the engagement & wedding bands from HIM (worn next to my great grandmothers weathered & worn wedding band) to the sapphire & diamond pinky ring that my mom had made for me when I graduated from university… and the amethyst ring that was made recently using up gold & stones from other family heirlooms. I treasure them all!

Now… to keep the ball rolling – I nominate Michelle of Very Hungry Explorer, Alexia of Must be Yummie and Iris of SWonderful Notebook


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