Leftover Chicken, chorizo and chickpea stew

Using up leftovers has become more of a priority in our household… not only do we have more expenses with an addition to the family, but also because we have become very aware of how wasteful we are sometimes… and if there is one thing I absolutely hate… it is throwing away food! Not only because there are starving people in the world and because it is € down the drain (or bin)… but because food is my friend and tossing it away feels like a betrayal of friendship.

yes… I am strange… we already knew that… but the concept of using up leftovers isn’t!

I found this recipe in the Delicious Magazine (no idea which issue but it must have been just after Christmas as they used Turkey in theirs…)

chickpea stew 1

Would I make this again? Yes… I would serve it with crusty bread to soak up the extra juices. It is also a make ahead kind of meal and can be frozen! And did I mention that it is a hearty kind of dish? The one that you know that you want to scoff on a cold winters day (with or without a fire place :))

chickpea stew 2

Leftover Chicken, Chorizo & Chickpea Stew

1 Tablespoon olive oil
250g cooking chorizo
1 large onion, chopped
3 garlic cloves, crushed
400g tin of chopped tomatoes (I used 5ooml of passata)
500ml chicken stock
300g leftover chicken (or turkey), meat shredded/chopped
400g tin of chickpeas, drained & rinsed
Parsley, chopped

  • Heat oil in a frying pan
  • Fry chorizo for 3-5minutes until turning crisp, then remove from the pan
  • Add onion & garlic and gently cook for 8min until soft
  • Add tomato/passata and stock, turn the heat up to high and bubble away for 10-20minutes (until the liquid reduces and thickens)
  • Add chicken, chickpeas & chorizo and warm through for about 5minutes
  • Garnish with chopped parsley

chickpea stew 3


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