Why you should join the Belgian Meatball revolution with BALLEKES

Ever had a dream?

Imagine that you could turn that wonderful dream into a reality and actually make it your job… Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

I know that we all sit and day-dream how we would open up our own little business doing x or y (sometimes linked to big lottery values :))… the kind of business that our hearts are into… our passion & love!

After having started a bistro (t’Bolleke) in Brussels serving traditional Belgian cuisine, it soon became apparent that the Ballekes that Francoise & Thibault were serving were an absolute hit… so the idea of providing a fast (but casual) restaurant with minimum service serving high quality Belgian meatballs, fries & beers was born!


Which is why I really think you should be doing your little bit to support the Belgian meatball revolution with Ballekes!

Before we even talk about the meatballs… I do want to point out that you don’t need to live in Brussels (or Belgium)… just imagine how donating a few euros could help a team reach their dream. If you do live in Brussels (or Belgium) – think about how your help could fill your belly 🙂 – a worthy investment in my eyes!!

So what money do they need? After working on an abandoned building, gutting it and starting from scratch – Florence & Thibault still need 25.000€ to finalise the renovations of the shop – this includes the carpentry (counters/benches/tables, etc) as well as lights & the floor!! All very necessary items don’t you think???

How can you help? Their crowdfunding project is live (as of Friday 15th January) and with just over a month to go – they offer a range of donation packages including:

  • 5€ => toast your name with a beer in their THANK YOU VIDEO
  • 10€ => 5 fried apero croquettes on your 1st visit (either Shrimp or Cheese)
  • 24€ (excl. shipping) => your 1st meal OR t-shirt OR cap OR name on the wall of fame
  • 49€ (excl. shipping) => t-shirt OR cap PLUS bottle opener, Ballekes “pils” glass & your name on the wall of fame
  • 99€ => Crowdfunder card with 10% discount for life PLUS your name on the wall of fame
  • 149€ => invitation to the VIP opening, t-shirt OR cap PLUS bottle opener, 2 glasses, your name on the wall of fame AND the crowdfunder card
  • 249€ => name engraved on a table for two, 2 invitations to the VIP opening, 2 t-shirts/caps/bottle openers, 4 glasses, your name on the wall of fame AND 2 Crowdfunder cards

all the way up to 4.999€ which gets you Ballekes for life… meatballs every day for every meal…. 🙂

Otherwise you can also contribute your own chosen amount – find more details here

More about the Ballekes restaurant & menu concept => consider a simple counter ordering system with the option to customize your choices and enjoy your meal in a cosy atmosphere!

The counter ordering system will be simple

ballekes 2

  1. Select your protein – pork/beef, chicken or bio veggie
  2. Select your style – with a Belgian sauce; with baguette or the healthy salad option
  3. and finally… select your sides & extra’s

ballekes 4

Sounds good, eh?

I know that you think that Brussels probably has enough food options… but I think that this option is an absolute winner of an idea!

AND LOCATION wise is perfect… close to Chatelain, Avenue Louise, St Gilles & Uccle

Chaussee de Charleroi 174, 1060 Brussels (Open 7/7)

Ballekes 3

What are you waiting for?



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