CHYL in Brussels

When CHYL announced via instagram that they their bio café was now open on a Tuesday for lunch (previously only open as of Wednesday through to the weekend)… I knew that HIM and I were going to finally get a chance to check them out… so we bundled little miss up, put her in the stroller and headed over via the Flagey lakes to be there at 12noon on a Tuesday.

CHYL stands for Change Your Lifestyle…  offering seasonal foods in their café, with focus on natural, raw and cooked healthy food. Plus if you are a vegetarian or a vegan – this place has a wide range of offerings aimed at you! A green spot in the centre of the city!

chyl 10

Obviously, eating out with a stroller is not an easy task… for us, other patrons and of course the restaurant… so we always try to make sure that the restaurant is ok with taking us and giving us a table that would provide the least amount of hassle to them and to other patrons. Something that CHYL very kindly did when we arrived there without a reservation (I must point out that we were one of the first people to arrive so it was easy to allocate us one of the empty tables!)

chyl 1

Décor wise… they are following the trend of hanging plants and funky lights (as seen at places like Knees to Chin, King Kong, etc) and sitting area tables are simple with funky cushions on bench seats… but the real fun part is the seating area near the entrance which gave me a Moroccan feel… think couches seating area made of packing crates and low tables…

chyl 2

I ordered the Detox juice (cucumber, apple and mint) while HIM went for the homemade lemonade – both of which were around 4-5€. (The Detox juice was DELICIOUS…)

chyl 4

We both ordered from the “Daily specials” chalkboard… with HIM going for a cheeseburger (14€) served with House frites (a combination of normal potato & sweet potato) & a salad.

chyl 6

and I opted for the “assorted salads” with chicken (17€) – I absolutely loved the quinoa mix, the violet mashed potato and the chicken (even if it was a small protein portion) – the rest of the salad mix was “nice” but didn’t wow me.

chyl 9

Would I go back? Possibly, I have a friend (Sas) who is a fan of the healthy bio options, so I would return with her – but I know that this kind of cuisine is not HIM’s favourite… so he probably wouldn’t go back with me. I would however, love to go back just to spend time in their shop!!!

chyl 7


address: rue de Belle Vue 62, 1000, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 648 3476


Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday: 12h00-15h00; Saturday-Sunday:10h30-17h00


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