Lilicup Cupcakes in Brussels

Maternity leave can leave a mom starting to experience “cabin fever”… whereby going to the post office or doing grocery shopping suddenly becomes the highlight of your week – because you actually get to leave the house (and spend more than 2minutes running through the shower) – so you can imagine my excitement (and absolute dread) of leaving the house to meet up with a few of the prenatal group mums & their tots.

The original plan was to enjoy a pastel de nata (or more) with a cuppa at Forcado – but sadly, they were closed the day before a public holiday – so we walked 2 streets over to Lilicup cupcake shop & café.

lilicup 5

Now most places would see 3 mums with 3 strollers & 4 little babies and want to lock the door and pretend to be closed – but these ladies actually smiled at us as we parked the strollers along the side of one wall and started to order cupcakes and refreshments. Maybe because the café was empty… and maybe because they felt sorry for us? Whatever the reason – I was grateful! Truly grateful… it was warm inside and hungry – not only for something sweet, but also for “mum” advice chats!

lilicup 2

The venue is small – but super cute – white on white with fresh flowers on each table – at the front of the shop with a counter showcasing the most delicious range of cupcakes. Cupcakes with names that have you drooling and wishing you hadn’t eaten breakfast and wondering why you didn’t visit when you were pregnant and actually had a valid reason to “eat for two” 🙂

lilicup 3

Yes people – each of these logos is a cupcake flavour… Mmm

I opted for the Tiramisu cupcake and mini violette cupcake… both were soft, light and delicious… (I could have eaten half a dozen!)

lilicup 4

Would I go back? Hell yes… with or without Little Miss (although the likelihood is “with”) in the next few weeks while I still have weekdays at home! Plus I feel the need to work my way through the whole flavour offering 🙂

lilicup 1

PS – did I mention that you can buy cupcakes there and take them home? A definite winner!! If you haven’t been… GO!


address: 65 rue de Page, 1050, Ixelles, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 538 0268


Open: Tuesday to Saturday 10h00-18h30


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