Easy Pita Pizza’s

Sometimes lunch needs to be quick (especially when you have a 3week old baby and are running between feeding times, nappy changes, bottle sterilizing, laundry, sleep and *Life in general*)… and sometimes we like to use up the contents of our fridge/freezer… which brings me to the fact that freezer compartments in Belgium are super small! Ours is just bigger than a shoebox and often contains a portion of mince, chicken and of course, some chopped vegetables. It has also recently started to contain containers of frozen fruit for my “fake ice-cream“.

But occasionally when we don’t use up something it gets shoved into the remaining miniscule space in the freezer… which is exactly what happened with some pita bread. And now that I am at home during the day… I am trying to use up food that we have, instead of trekking to the nearby grocery store every second day… although heading to the local shop is also an outing that I relish 🙂

I am not sure where I saw this before… as there really is nothing unique about this concept… using pita breads, topped with tomato pizza sauce and toppings for “instant pizza’s”…. but it was so quick, easy and delicious, that it felt wrong not to share it.

This recipe fed 2 adults within 20minutes (half of this was cooking time) … and is a definite make again and potentially a perfect child-friendly meal for the future!

pita pizza 1

Pita Pizza’s

6 pita’s
6 Tablespoons of pizza tomato sauce (or use pasata mixed with olive oil & dried herbs)
selection of toppings – I used 1 slice of ham, 2 slices of salami, 1/4 of chopped green pepper and 4 mushrooms sliced
cup of grated cheese
fresh basil (optional)

  • spread a tablespoon of pizza tomato sauce on each pita
  • Add your toppings followed by a sprinkle of grated cheese
  • Place on a greased baking tray
  • Bake at 180C for 10minutes

pita pizza 3

it really is as easy as that!

pita pizza 2


One thought on “Easy Pita Pizza’s

  1. These look beautiful and delicious – and I love the super short cooking time! I think we all need more recipes like this so we can make something quick and yummy for that lunch break rather than heading to junk food.

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