Asparagus and bacon Quiche

Little Miss is 2weeks old today… and I still can’t get over the awe and amazement of gazing into her face every day… and that she is our little girl! (I also can’t get over the fact that she was inside me for 9months, but that is a whole other story!)

So far… sleeping has not really been that easy (or at least at nighttime for her anyway)… which means that both HIM and I are walking zombies some days… but we are trying to put some kind of a schedule together and sharing the load… which makes things far more manageable and of course eating/cooking has also been “rostered” with each of us taking a turn to make sure that there is some kind of a hot meal each day.

Sunday afternoon (late lunch/early dinner) saw me attempting my first “real” quiche (but obviously cheating with store-bought pastry) using the Jamie Oliver Spring Quiche as a reference, as I had previously only ever made crustless quiches

It was quick to put together (15minutes tops), but took 45min in the oven (leaving us enough time to feed, change, etc Little Miss) before sitting down to enjoy this delicious easy meal.

Would I make it again? Probably – but I might up the bacon/ham and cheese portions…

quiche 2

Asparagus & Bacon Quiche

1 portion (230g) ready-made pastry
400g Asparagus, washed & chopped
100g bacon, chopped
200g cheese, grated (I used leftover raclette cheese)
4 eggs
200ml cream
100ml milk
salt/pepper to taste

  • Cook bacon & asparagus in a frying pan until almost done
  • Place ready-made pastry into a greased pie dish
  • Layer in the bacon & asparagus & cheese
  • Beat together the eggs, cream & milk and pour over the mixture
  • Bake at 180C for 45min



2 thoughts on “Asparagus and bacon Quiche

  1. Congrats on the bubs! Mines 2 1/2 weeks so know exactly where you’re at re the sleep and the wonder at creating such a little creature. Mother Nature is unreal huh? well done on managing to create a blog post post baby….I’m yet to find the time or energy… It’s a mission to actually create a meal at the moment in my kitchen 🙂

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