eat Brussels 2015

Last weekend – I attended the eat! Brussels drink! Bordeaux with HIM, M & my greek colleague (who is replacing me while I am on maternity leave)… and even though it was pouring with rain on the Saturday and I couldn’t partake in any of the wine tasting (because, duh, I am almost 9months pregnant)… I loved it.

Of the 4 events – I have attended 3 of them… and although at first I was a bit disappointed that the venue had changed from Bois de la Cambre to Parc Royale… and that the tents were set up with more space (not as compact as previous years)… I can totally understand how if the weather had been sunny and beautiful – the extra park space would have been magnificent!

eat 12

M had been the night before (Friday) and was already ooh-ing & aah-ing over the Ethopian Stand for Toukoul – but by the time we sauntered over there on the Saturday around lunchtime, they had already sold out of their samosa offering. So we moved on.

HIM & M started off with a cone of Frites from Brasserie Rose….

eat 2 eat 1

While I had the brilliant idea to start with dessert (cos pregnant ladies can get away with that :)) – chocolate dome from Truffe Noire.

eat 3

And then we moved on to my personal favourite – O’ Liban –

eat 10

trying out their falafel sandwiches

eat 5

their Plate (which I had and it was AWESOME)

eat 6

While HIM opted to try out the Portuguese restaurant, Tiago’s, Bacalhau a braz dish (something which he says is very difficult to get right as you need to have the eggs ” just so” )

eat 7

And finally – we headed to the international district and ate ice-creams… I had a strawberry, mint & pepper tub which was exactly what I needed!

All in all – we probably spent about 90 odd euros on food… plus using 3 wine passes that we received thanks to Brussels Food Friends last #BxlFF5 event.

Thanks to M for some of the photos…..


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