Chilli coriander naan bread

As some of you remember – I got to try out a spice pack from Flavour Delivered a few months ago (read the post here)

One of the things that I was really impressed with was how relatively easy it was to make home-made naan bread… (although time consuming)… where I had always steered clear of making it as I thought it would be too complicated! And lets be honest… a good curry becomes great, when you get to soak up the extra juices with naan!

Homemade chilli & coriander naan bread

Homemade chilli & coriander naan bread

Chilli coriander Naan

450g flour
2 teaspoons sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 egg
250ml milk
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 fresh red chillies (chopped)
15g fresh coriander (chopped)
25 butter (melted)

  • Sift flour, sugar, salt & baking powder into a large bowl
  • Whisk egg & milk together
  • Form a dough by gradually stirring into the dry ingredients
  • Transfer dough to a floured work surface
  • make a well and add the oil
  • Knead for a few minutes until dough is smooth & pliable
  • Wrap in cling film & rest for 1hour
  • Divide dough into 8 pieces, form into balls & flatten into thick cakes
  • Cover with cling film and rest for 15minutes
  • Preheat grill to high, line a grill pan with foil and brush with oil
  • roll each flattened cake into a 10cm round and pull the lower end gently
  • Carefully roll out again making a teardrop shape until 20cm long
  • Mix chilli & coriander together and spread over the naans.
  • press in gently so that it sticks to the dough
  • Transfer naan to the grill pan and cook both sides until slightly puffed and brown
  • Remove from grill and brush with melted butter
  • For best results – keep warm while you cook the others!
Introducing... Flavour Delivered

Introducing… Flavour Delivered


One thought on “Chilli coriander naan bread

  1. Ik ben dol op naanbrood maar ik koop het eigenlijk altijd in de supermarkt. Nog nooit zelf gemaakt maar op jouw foto’s ziet het er wel heerlijk uit. Misschien toch ook eens een keertje proberen!

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