Sunday Brunch at La Fabrique in Brussels

Those of us who don’t disappear from Brussels during the summer holiday period of July & August are often left with a gaping hole, closed restaurants and limited offerings. Which is exactly what happened to us this past Sunday!

We drove past 2 or 3 of our “go to” Sunday lunch venues and arrived at our last resort to see that they have closed up shop permanently… but THANKFULLY – we then saw La Fabrique was open (and full of people sitting on the sidewalk soaking up the summer sunshine) offering a Sunday brunch.

La Fabrique 3

They had actually been closed for most of July – so it was pure luck that we found them having recently re-opened after their holiday!

La Fabrique 2

For 25€ per person – it was an all you can eat buffet of salads, breads, cheeses, charcuterie, fruit salad, omelets & crepes made while you wait, a few hot dishes (a chicken curry that HIM gave 2 thumbs up for being well spiced without being spicy) and of course – a table dedicated to those of us with a sweet tooth.

La Fabrique 7 La Fabrique 6 La Fabrique 5 La Fabrique 11

The price does not include drinks – but we opted for lemonades & freshly squeezed health juices (4€), followed by coffee and our final bill was just over 90euros, which sounds like a lot when you first think about it – BUT let me tell you that if you are someone who enjoys a leisurely breakfast/lunch with healthy & tasty options – you walk out really full! HIM ate a plate of the salads, then a plate of chicken curry & rice AND a slice of cheesecake… now do the maths of ordering a starter, main & dessert somewhere else…. without the instant gratification of helping yourself and eating within minutes of arriving and being able to take more (or less) of the things you really want.

I started off with a little bit of each of the salads (soooo good)

I started off with a spoonful of each of the salads (soooo good)

Then moved onto a slice of cheesecake, with a spoonful of apple & rhubarb crumble and a smidgen of chocolate torte

Then moved onto a slice of cheesecake, with a spoonful of apple & rhubarb crumble and a smidgen of chocolate torte (you can see HIM’s plate with chicken curry & rice and more salad in the background)

while M opted for a "made while you wait" crépe

while M opted for a “made while you wait” crêpe smothered in home-made salted caramel sauce

Please note that there is nothing else served on a Sunday – except brunch – so don’t think you can come in and order off their normal menu… not on a Sunday anyway!

Would we go back again? Yes, Yes, Yes…. in a heartbeat. Those salads were so fresh and tasty… THAT cheesecake has me drooling (I would even go as far as to say that it was definitely one of the BEST I have ever eaten) and the service was sufficient (plates were cleared quickly and efficiently and buffet dishes were replenished often!). Price wise – I think that it might be on the up spectrum of pricing for Brunch – but after enjoying everything so much – I wouldn’t complain about paying it again!

I only wish that my little growing bump was not restricting my food intake so much (I can only eat a certain amount at each sitting before the growing bump pushes against my stomach telling me to stop eating!)… but as soon as she is out… I am going back … for 2nd & 3rd rounds and turning Brunch into a full day affair 🙂

La Fabrique


Address: 122 Rue Américaine, Ixelles, 1050, Brussels, BELGIUM

Telephone: +32 2 537 56 36

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 08h30-17h00; Saturdays & Sundays 11h00-16h00


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