Traditional Apple Tart (SRC)

Yes, friends – it is SRC (Secret Recipe Club) reveal time of the month ago!


Just in case you haven’t previously read any posts about SRC – it is an international blog swap concept whereby once a month, each blogger is allocated another bloggers site to make & share a recipe from their collection! Pretty awesome concept, eh?

Anyhoo – this month I got allocated a blog where I though ” I love this woman”!!! Seriously…. The Tasty Cheapskate‘s blog was amusing, fun and full of life (not to mention yummy recipes) – so much so, that I for once, I actually wished that we lived on the same continent so that I could meet up with her for a cup of coffee (or even a glass of water).

Don’t discount her for her blog name (excuse the pun) – she is a stay at home wife/mom who has some awesome recipes that are simple, quick & oh-so-tasty… and she delivers them with humour & as her name suggests… on a cheaper budget! I really um-ed & ah-ed over her Coconut chocolate bites (think *bounty* bars) & her Classic apple pie recipe – with the latter winning!

I loved how simple this apple pie recipe was – probably because I cheated a bit and used already made pastry because she said that I could (or you can use her recipe for butter pie crust here) and also because I loved her comment about the pre-oven pies looking like breast augmentation that has gone wrong – hee hee….

These were super easy to make and every easier to eat…. a definite treat for a Sunday afternoon! I made them into individual pies instead of one big one… but the recipe is much the same (except that I reduced my cooking time somewhat)


Classic Apple Pie

7 apples
2 Tablespoons flour
1 cup of sugar
juice of 1 lemon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt

  • Roll out half of the pastry into lightly greased pie dish
  • Peel & slice apples
  • Place diced apple pieces with sugar, flour, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt & lemon juice
  • Put apple mixture into pie crust – now as The Tasty Cheapskate tells us… it may look like there is too much apple…. but put your trust in this…. everything will be ok!
  • DSC_0285
  • Place the other half of the pastry on top of the apple pie mixture and using your fingers, pinch the pastry together to seal (you may even want to wet your fingers with water for this) – and it is true – breast augmentation gone wrong 🙂
  • DSC_0286
  • Using your knife, cut some slits into the top pastry to allow the steam to escape
  • DSC_0288
  • Bake for 15minutes at 200C
  • Then reduce temperature to 180C for 30minutes more
  • Cool & enjoy!



9 thoughts on “Traditional Apple Tart (SRC)

  1. These are SO CUTE!! 😀 Loved reading your blog post! Literally laughed out loud! 😀 What a fun pick for the SRC! 😀

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