Introducing… Flavour Delivered

Just before I went to South Africa on holiday, I was lucky enough to receive a spice kit from Flavour Delivered – another company that has joined the food delivery system by offering to delivery Indian spice kits (as well as the recipes) directly to your home.

The difference that Flavour Delivered offers is that there is no perishables in your delivery – meaning that you can make up your meal whenever you want to! (Obviously spices lose a bit of their taste over time, so the earlier you make this, the fresher it will be!)

The concept is pretty simple – 25€ gets you 3 spice kits (Meat, fish or vegetarian… ) delivered to your door over the space of a 3 month subscription (i.e. 1 spice kit per month over a 3month period). With each kit providing the recipe & spices for 1 Indian meal (including sides) for 4 people.

The up side of this concept is that if you love a good curry but don’t want to go out and buy 20 large spice jars … you don’t have to! You get the perfectly measured out quantities of each spice in the kit – so there is no hassle or wastage! (As I don’t cook a lot of curries from scratch – this was a huge benefit for me!)

I got sent a spice kit for a vegetarian curry dish consisting of Tandoori Mushroom, chilli-coriander naan bread & cucumber Raita:


So this past Sunday – I finally had the time & energy to try it out! Starting with the Chilli-coriander naan… which took 1 and 1/2 hours of preparation – but in the end was totally worth it… as I had never made naan bread from scratch before and it was delicious!


chilli-coriander naan ingredients

Homemade chilli & coriander naan bread

Homemade chilli & coriander naan bread – still warm and brushed with dripping butter… Mmmm

The Tandoori Mushroom dish took 40min prep time and I started it about half way through the proofing period of the naan bread

Tandoori mushroom ingredients

Tandoori mushroom ingredients

Final Tandoori Mushroom curry

Final Tandoori Mushroom curry

and of course the cucumber raita took just a few minutes of chopping, mixing, etc which was easy to do while other items where bubbling away, etc. In total – it took me 2hours in the kitchen before we sat down to eat – this is normally longer than I would normally spend making a Sunday night supper – but in the end – both HIM and I enjoyed the fruits of my labour!

curry 5

Our little coffee table was literally groaning under the amount of food (and this isn’t even all of it!!! There were still 4 more naans to be cooked and still some curry in the pot! But as mentioned – this was a meal for 4 people… not 2 (and a bit) :))

curry 2

HIM and I both thoroughly enjoyed the meal (and due to the quantity – we will happily be eating off the leftovers this week) – but we both agreed that the tandoori curry would have been “meatier” and we both would have upped the spiciness – HIM is convinced that I used the wrong type of chilli. (HIM also had a 2nd helping – which is ALWAYS a good sign!)

curry 1

Would we make it again? Yes – I would love to do this again, but as mentioned, I would make it with chicken and up the heat! I think that this is a great family or friends sharing kind of meal… a definite crowd pleaser!

Flavour Delivered offers bloggers the opportunity to try out a spice kit – (limited number per month) – all you have to do is complete the media form telling them more about your blog!

Disclosure: I feel it is very important to disclose that I did not pay for this kit – but I do promise that this a 100% accurate review of my experience & I was not reimbursed for writing this.


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