Introducing SmartMat

I recently got the pleasure of being invited to a SMARTMAT launch in Brussels.

The concept is pretty simple – Smartmat helps you & your family to eat healthy & tasty food by supplying the ingredients and recipes to your home each week. That’s right – they do the shopping, provide the meal planners and deliver directly to your home… so all you have to do is the actual cooking (and eating of course).

They offer formula’s for 1, 2 or 4 people for 3, 4 or 5 meals… even offering Vegetarian, Quick/Easy & breakfast choices.

The meals are at least 25% organic, have no unnecessary additives or preservatives and focus on providing sustainable fish and local meat choices to create varied, healthy & original recipes.

I will be receiving a box from them in the next few weeks – so stay tuned for more details about the contents…..

smart mat3

So that is what SMARTMAT is all about… and as I mentioned – I was lucky enough to attend one of their launch events at the Yoghurt Farm in Ixelles, Brussels in the middle of June (hosted by the PR agency Nightingale).

smart mat 5

Firstly – the venue was decked out in a Swedish MidSommar theme (as the date was correct and of course, Anders, the head of Smartmat is originally Swedish although having lived in Belgium for the last 20years)

That is Anders telling us more about the evening and the SMARTMAT concept

That is Anders telling us more about the evening and the SMARTMAT concept

Think cosy, country feeling …..

smart mat 2

After enjoying a home-made vodka cranberry cocktail (virgin for moi)

smart mat 1

We settled down on the outdoor terrace to enjoy a slice of Smörgåstårta – which is a Scandinavian savoury cake (slices of bread spread with avocado, carrots, leeks and cream cheese and decorated … even with edible flowers!)

smart mat 7

Some enjoyed it with a shot of schnapps (while I looked on … jealously… but at 38% alcohol content, I was probably better off not drinking it!)

smart mat 9

And then we moved inside for our mains… home-made Smartmat hamburgers…on a guacamole bed, nestled in a soft hamburger roll.

smart mat 11

What started out as a simple, humble burger was easily “pimped” out by the add-on bowls on the table – featuring leaves of green (aka lettuce), slices of tomato & onion, crispy onion pieces, pickles, sauces which included a delicious homemade ketchup… and BAM… the makings of a KING burger where there.

smart mat 12

For those who were still hungry… a second round of burgers was distributed… but I had my eye on the prize…

smart mat 13

The Yoghurt Farm provided dessert… home-made frozen yoghurt which could be uniquely topped based on the individuals preference! I opted for freshly chopped pineapple, berry coulis (which is made on site), chocolate granola and chocolate chips (don’t judge me on the amount of chocolate… I use the excuse that I am eating for two… and my little girl has a sweet tooth 🙂 – plus I have to confess that I could have consumed my body weight in this dessert it was SOOOO good!)

smart mat 14

Not only was I super impressed by the Smartmat concept and the amazing frozen yoghurt – we were also allowed to build our own bouquet to take home (7 flowers, that were supposed to be placed under my pillow that night in order to dream of my future husband… I still joked and asked if I would dream of my 2nd husband!) before leaving with our goodie bag (co-organized with Dille & Kamille)

Once again – an enormous thank you to The Yoghurt Farm, Nightingale & Smartmat for a truly memorable evening!


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