G G – Cucina Traditionale Italiana Restaurant (Maasmechelen Village)

Last week – the wonderful folks at Maasmechelen Village invited bloggers to come out and visit for a day whilst exploring the newly opened DeMeyer Store (serious chef cookware… of which I HAD to purchase, but that is a whole other story) amongst their backdrop of other exciting shops. Needless to say – 5 girls shopping parcels looked like this after only a few short hours: G&G 7 (Our 2 guys were clever enough to keep their parcels with themselves 🙂 as they travelled there by car – whilst we took the opportunity to catch the MMV bus from Brussels – making our return journey all about “show & tell” Anyhoo – we were not only spoiled by return transfers – but we also got treated to lunch at G&G – an Italian restaurant in the village offering family sized pizza’s (thanks to their Italian imported pizza oven that can make up to 200 pizza’s in one go!) plus delicious pasta’s.


source: Maasmechelen Website

We started off with a bit of anti-pasta & mozzarella topped tomato bruschetta (whilst some sipped on Peach Bellini’s) – sooo good G&G 3 G&G 2 and then shared a Family-size Quatro Stagioni pizza (22euro – ham, mushrooms, artichokes, olives) G&G pizza along with Clam Spaghetti (which had half of the table drooling as it was SO good) – definite chilli undertones… Mmm (17.50€) G&G 5 and the other half of the table drooling over the G&G Penne (with saffron, cream & prawns 16.50€) G&G 6 Between 9 of us – we shared 1 Family size pizza & 2 of each pasta (after the platters of anti-pasta) and it was more than sufficient. Some of us didn’t sit around for coffees as we were eager to get back into retail therapy. Would I return? We have all agreed that a 6monthly trip to Maasmechelen Village for a day is a DEFINITE… and now that I have tried both Ellis Burger and G&G – I can honestly say that they are both excellent choices for lunch while you are there. Big thanks to M for providing some of her better looking photos 🙂 and further thanks to the MMV team for a wonderful day! G&G Restaurant address: Zetellaan 100, 3630 Maasmechelen, Belgium telephone: +32 89 20 49 93 website: http://gg-italia.com email: info@gg-italia.com Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 09h30-22h00 (kitchen closes at 20h30)


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