Marcel Burger Bar in Brussels

Mr Draper and I had a catch up recently… and it just so happens that we got to natter away in the newly opened Marcel Burger Bar in Ixelles. Now, let me explain that I have been on a #burgerquest for sometime, and up until recently was convinced that Ellis burger was IT!

marcel 3

A stones throw from the Chatelain Market, on Rue Américaine (sandwiched between La Pizzeria and La Trattoria and directly opposite Riccio Capriccio) – it meant that it was in easy walking distance for both us … and easily accessible via public transport for most!

With spring finally starting to settle in, a few tables were set up on the pavement outside the entrance & shop front window (in typical Ixelles style), but we opted to rather sit inside.

marcel 2

Interior-wise, the décor is simple and unassuming with an unexpected (but happy) surprise of how much seating is actually available! (There is a big room at the back with the most gorgeous skylight streaming blue skies and sunshine in)

marcel 4

Staff were super friendly and multi-lingual and couldn’t wait to explain the MARCEL concept to us when we arrived! Clearly a group of people that are proud of the establishment that they work in!! And of course – they loved telling us how they had found 7 beers that pair beautifully with their burgers!!

marcel 5

Service was super swift, in fact – our burgers arrived within 5minutes of ordering… Mr Draper ordered the CHEESE BACON (Beef burger, with bacon, secret sauce, salad & tomato 11.50€) and the recommended pairing beer.

marcel 8

While I opted for the SWEET LAMB (Lamb burger, gouda cheese, cumin, red onions, salad, tomato & coriander 12.50€). Which was really and truly amazing!!! In fact, I took one mouth… started MMmmm and almost shoved the burger into Mr Drapers face so that he too could experience the amazing-ness of it! The amount of coriander to lamb was perfect!

marcel 7

marcel 10

Their 7 burger options range from normal (Marcel = Beef, onion, mint, parsley, salad & tomatoes) to vegan (Kale, quinoa, onions, avo, salad, parsley & tomato) … plus the obligatory chicken (with spinach & avo) as well as the ones that we ordered!

marcel 9

Burgers are served on their own (without sides) so you need to order these as extras… we shared a portion of frites (3.50€) & a side of coleslaw (3.50€) – but they also offer home-made guacamole & nachos (4.50€) and sweet potato frites (4.50€)

marcel 6

In total – our bill came to 40euros for 2 burgers, 2 sides, 1 beer & 2 cooldrinks. Not cheap but in no way expensive.

Would I return? Absolutely… From a location point of view it is perfect, staff were friendly and the food was tasty.

marcel 1


address: 87 Rue Américaine, Ixelles, 1050, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 534 34 34

Opening hours: closed on Mondays, Tuesday to Friday: 12h00-14h30 & 19h00-22h30; Saturday: 12h30-15h30 & 19h00-22h30; Sunday Brunch: 12h30-15h30

Facebook & Instagram

Their website: doesn’t seem to be working yet


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