Madame Chapeau Opening

I was super excited to get the chance to attend one of the opening evening celebrations of Madame Chapeau – a new Stoemp & beer restaurant in the centre of Brussels.

Madame Chapeau 1

Madame Chapeau, in reference to the cult work of Brussels cultural heritage – whereby the role of Madame Chapeau in a famous drama Bossemans et Coppenolle is performed by a man dressed as a woman – there is even a statue of Madame Chapeau nearby.

But the really cool thing about this new restaurant establishment is that it combines the concept of traditional Belgian specialty food (i.e. Stoemp) in a trendy fun unpretentious environment. PLUS they also promise to offer entertainment in the future – such as one Man Shows, Fashion Brunch, Set Dj’s and concerts for music discovery through quality artistic performances of the actors little or well-known to the Belgian scene.

So it isn’t just about food and beer… there is a bit of culture thrown in as well 🙂

Madame Chapeau 3

The interior reflect clean lines – a similar trend seen in new restaurants that have opened up in Brussels recently… wooden tables (without table clothes) simple seating and some form of painted wall décor….

Madame Chapeau 9

The food concept is pretty cool – you can either order off the menu or the specials board – or you can use their formula concept:

Madame Chapeau 4

1. Pick your Stoemp (your mashed potato & vegetable combination)
2. Select your protein (either sausage, meat, chicken, fish or even Lobster… and there is even a vegetarian offering)
3. And finally… what sauce would you like to accompany your dish???

This means that the combinations are endless and everyone is catered for!!! And all for the pretty decent price of 13,90€.

During the opening evening – the venue was pumping with cool hipster looking folk (barring myself of course)… and space was a bit of a premium (although I did manage to secure a barstool in order to people watch)… The champagne flowed and tables were stacked with wooden boards offering cheese, bread and sliced meat. Waitron staff were constantly moving around re-filling glasses and offering tasty morsels (like cubes of fresh salmon & shot glasses filled with the most delicious tasting pumpkin soup).

Madame Chapeau 2 Madame Chapeau 8 Madame Chapeau 7

Although I only stayed an hour – it is definitely a spot that I would return to with HIM (obviously because HIM is a BIG BIG BIG (did I mention BIG) Fan of Stoemp and Sausage….) and because during the short time that I was there – I didn’t actually get to taste any stoemp!!!

Have you been???


address: 94 rue du Marché au Charbon – 1000 Bruxelles, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 514 40 44

Opening hours: Kitchen: 12h00-21h00; Bar: 12h00-00h00 during the week & 12h00-03h00 on the weekends. Closed on Mondays

No website at the moment

facebook page & twitter handle: @MmeChapeauBxl 



6 thoughts on “Madame Chapeau Opening

  1. Stoemp…i was intrigued!!! looks very posh but mash and veg doesnt sound posh so i expect a further investigation and report back.

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