3 Cheese Tuna Pasta Bake

Throughout Lent – HIM and I both tried to stick to *Fish Fridays* (or meat-free Fridays)…and obviously Good Friday was no exception!

This means either abstaining from meat in totality (I.e. vegetarian meals) or eating a bit of fish.

In fact – I have memories of my childhood – of *Fish Fridays* happening every week, not just during Lent… and Mommabear stopping at “Mr Fish” (a Fish&Chip shop run by a Portuguese Family in Pinelands) to get a fish cake (for me), a piece of fish (for herself) and a packet of super-slap potato chips (frites). (For those who are not aware of the “slap chips” terminology – it means that the potatoes have been peeled, sliced, fried in oil and then are covered in salt (& vinegar if you like) and wrapped up in unprinted newsprint paper… and remain a “slap”/limp characteristic – probably because they continue to sweat in the newsprint paper on the way home… no hard crusted French frites here!)… BUT they are so good! (Especially as a hangover cure!)

Anyhoo – I digress….

Keeping our Friday low-key – I whipped up a tuna pasta bake but added in a whole lot of cheese – 3 types to be exact (Parmesan, Gruyère & Cheddar… all really strong flavours)

Tuna pasta bake 3

This recipe is simple but heartily filling! Perfect for a rainy day or just for a bit of comfort…

Tuna pasta bake 1

3 Cheese Tuna Pasta Bake

2 tins of tuna, drained (we used the tuna chunks in springwater)
240g of cheese (80g parmesan, 80g grated cheddar & 80g grated Gruyère)
400g dry pasta (we used the large macaroni type)
600ml milk
100g butter
2 Tablespoons of plain flour

  • Bring salted water to the boil – in order to cook the pasta (according to the packet instructions)
  • Melt butter in saucepan large enough to make the Béchamel sauce
  • Once butter has melted, stir in the flour to make roux and add a dash of milk to give it some liquid consistency.
  • Using a whisk add half of the milk to the roux and whisk until smooth
  • Leave over a low heat, whisking occasionally & adding dashes of milk when the mixture starts to thicken
  • Repeat whisking & adding milk until Béchamel sauce has the consistency of a custard & remove from heat
  • Once the pasta is cooked – remove from heat & drain (the cooking of the pasta & béchamel sauce should take the same amount of time – 10-20minutes)
  • Add the tuna to the Béchamel sauce
  • Layer the Pasta & tuna sauce in an oven proof dish
  • Top with cheese
  • Bake for 20-25minutes at 180C

tuna pasta bake 2

Tuna Pasta bake 4


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