Chez Fleur (Vietnamese-Thai Restaurant) – Brussels

Chez Fleur on Chaussee Boondael is probably one of the most well-known Vietnamese (or some say Viet-Thai) restaurants in Brussels – and for good reason!

I got the pleasure of enjoying an evening here earlier in the week to celebrate a friend’s birthday (American Angela – who will be quite chuffed to see her name in print …again :)) along with a few others.

Decor wise – Imagine that the Palace of Versailles boudoir merged with the Louvre Museum while taking hallucinogenic drugs… yupp – fabulous with light red table lights,

chez fleur 2

and red walls with chandeliers

chez fleur 4

over-the-top (but fabulous) painted artwork…. in big gilt frames

chez fleur 3

mirrors, statues and more chandeliers ….

chez fleur 5

chez fleur 1

Did I love it? absolutely…

But the real highlight of the evening was the food. There wasn’t a single fork of food that passed my lips that wasn’t amazing! It was all tasty and had me wishing that I had worn stretchy pants!

As there were 7 of us – we decided to order 6 main plates and share – an excellent idea! And more than sufficient to go around (even for latecomers :)) – we opted for Poulet à la sauce aigre-douce (Sweet & Sour Chicken 9€); Canard de Pékin parfumé à l’Orange (Peking Duck 11,25€); Les Fruits de l’Océan Curry Vert (Green Seafood Curry 11.40€), Porc au Caramel et Poivre (Carmalized Pork with peppers 9€), Riz sautés aux Légumes (Rice with Vegetables 9.20€) and a beef dish (can’t remember… sorry… but it was delicious!)

chez fleur 10 chez fleur 9 chez fleur 8 chez fleur 7 chez fleur 6

A few ordered desserts afterwards – and although somewhat “interestingly” presented – they all murmured happiness while diving into them before I could get out my camera fast enough.

The attention to detail is excellent – even down to the pyramids of sugar cubes served with each coffee.

chez fleur 11

Would I return? DEFINITELY! The food was amazingly delicious, reasonably priced – staff were attentive and efficient (I wouldn’t go as far as to say “friendly” but more than sufficient) – and of course the decor is something to be seen! AND even better still – they do deliveries… which is excellent news as I could definitely see myself making use of this in the future!


address:  Chaussée de Boondael 326, 1050, Ixelles, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 02 640 0469


Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 12h00-14h30 & 18h00-23h30


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