Le Chou de Bruxelles

For Mr Drapers birthday – a table of 9 was booked at Le chou de Bruxelles – and lets just say that group bookings must make every restaurant fill with dread… but they handled our larger than normal table excellently!

HIM and I were the first to arrive and settled in at the table in the back (near the door to the terrace that is available in better weather) and enjoy the Belgium promoted look & feel of the place (including national flag paper napkins).

chou de B 1

Most of us opted for their “menu” for 29euros – any starter, any main course & any dessert (with some minor supplements (2€) on certain selections)…

HIM ordered the Parma Ham & Melon as a starter (10€)

chou de B 3

While I was tempted by the Duo of croquette – one shrimp & one cheese (11€) – the shrimp one was a bit “fishy” for me while the cheese one was delicious!!

chou de B 4

For mains – it was an easy decision for HIM – because they had STOEMP on the menu! (17€) – with a leek/potato mash… and although tasty – HIM normally likes his meat cooked until it is almost grey… so seeing a bit of pink in the middle of the sausage kind of put him off a bit. And of course – his absolute favourite place for Stoemp is Fin de Siecle.

chou de B 5

I went for the Filet de Bar Victor l’Ostendaise (Bass topped with grey shrimps & served with 2 baby potatoes) (18€) – which was delicious.

chou de B 6

But their real claim to fame is their Mussels dishes… boosting more than 30 variations… (obviously) served with the traditional frites…. (at least half of the table went for this option). Sas who was sitting next to me opted for the Baccara version (Vegetables-tomato-onions-garlic-basil 21€)

chou de B 7

And for dessert – it was easy for me… DAME BLANCHE (I am such a sucker for ice-cream & chocolate sauce 6€), while HIM remains the “healthy” choice partner in this relationship & ordered the 1/2 fresh pineapple (6€)

chou de B 8

In terms of the Menu deal – we essentially got our dessert for free… but had I not gone for the menu deal, I am not sure if I would have even ordered dessert – as I literally waddled home because I was so full!

The restaurant was warm (very warm), comfortable & the staff were friendly and accommodating. They even brought a birthday hat & played a bit of Stevie Wonder to commemorate the Birthday Boys special day… PLUS they offered a round of after dinner liqueurs on the house. (And for summer – there is a terrace out back!)

Would I go back? Maybe – I have to confess to having a firm favourite resto for Belgian cuisine – Le Bugatti – so I can’t really do a fair comparison. What I can say about Le Chou de Bruxelles is that are reasonably priced, well located & friendly!!


address: 26, rue de florence, 1050 Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 537 6995

website: http://www.lechoudebruxelles.be

Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 12h00-13h45 (last kitchen order); Monday-Saturday: 18h30-21h45 (last kitchen order)


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