Pub lunch at Two Brewers (Covent Garden, London)

Once every few months – HIM and I board the Eurostar (speed train) from Brussels to London for a little weekend getaway. This normally also includes seeing a show, spending copious amounts of time in bookshops, a bit of shopping and of course… the obligatory Pub visit!

This particular February visit was a short one – with us arriving in London on Saturday morning around 10am, dropping our bags off at the hotel, and meandering into Covent Garden area (probably our favourite spot when we are short of time) – we had a few hours to kill before attending the matinée musical performance of Mathilda at Cambridge Theatre and finding a pub was priority #1.

Two Brewers is in throwing distance from the theatre – and oozes pub feeling (probably because it has been there since the 1800’s!!!)

Interior wise – it delivers on all expectations of a pub… dark (but not too dark) interior, a long wooden bar, lots of beer on tap, and seating on mini stools at round tables or in little alcove type booths. The walls are decorated with signed thespians pictures (clearly representing the theatre district that they are in) and staff are relaxed & friendly.

london 10 london 1

As per the usual routine – find a table, settle down, review the menu & then place your order at the bar (for food & drinks). The custom is normally to pay at the same time – but we were offered the option of opening up a tab. Drinks are normally poured immediately & within 5minutes – I was back at the table with our 2 rather large glasses of vino! (I do need to point out that alcohol is a bit on the pricey side … and that each “large” glass of wine was the same price as our plate of food!)

london 9

Within about 10minutes – our food was ready & being brought to the table.

london 4

HIM ordered the Bangers & Mash (obviously) – Juicy Boroughbridge pork sausages served on mashed potatoes with lashings of gravy and sticky onion chutney (8.29£). Thankfully, we also ordered a side of seasonal vegetables (2.49£) as the portion of bangers & mash was a little on the small side for my man.

london 2

I went with the Chicken & Bacon Salad – chicken breast & crispy bacon, served with mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, red onion and a soft-boiled egg, finished with a drizzle of honey & mustard dressing (9.29£). It was “fine” – nothing amazing – but let’s be honest, how great can a salad really be? Plus it was also a little sparse on the chicken & bacon.

london 3

In terms of the actual pub – when we arrived, it was empty, but after an hour – it was filled to the brim with people waiting for tables to become vacant. It was warm & cosy & everything that I love about sitting in a pub in the afternoon. The food was tasty – but nothing special.

Would we return? Probably. It was close enough to Covent Garden & the surrounding theatres to be convenient. And again… I loved the atmosphere!

Two Brewers

Address: 40 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9EP , LONDON (United Kingdom)

Telephone: +44 207 836 7395


Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 12h00-23h00 & Sunday: 12h00-22h30


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