Rooibos Iced Tea

If you utter the name “Rooibos Tea” to any South African – they know exactly what you mean…. But in the rest of the world, this herbal tea is still a growing concept and can sometimes be met with blank looks – which is normally when I start referring to it as “Bush” or ‘Red Bush” tea.

Rooibos (a variety of one of South Africa’s infamous fynbos bushes) is grown predominantly in the mountains of the Western Cape of South Africa and promises to have numerous health benefits ranging from restful sleep, relieving skin disorders or stomach complaints to cancer fighting properties.

It is caffeine free & high in anti-oxidants…and more importantly – SO tasty! So what more are you waiting for?

While in Cape Town over the festive season – I enjoyed a day at Kirstenbosch gardens with HIM, Dad & Bulent… walking along the Boomslang Canopy Tour (as pictured below) & through this gorgeous botanical garden… and finally settling down for a late lunch at their restaurant… where I had the most amazing thirst-quenching Rooibos Iced Tea… and inspiration struck!


So this is my take on the same drink, which makes 2-3l

iced tea 2

Rooibos Iced Tea

2-3l water
3-4 tea bags of Rooibos
1-2 lemon/lime
2 Tablespoons of honey

  • Add tea bags to boiled water & leave to steep (the longer you leave the teabags in for – the stronger the tea will be)
  • Add honey around the same time – as the heat of the water will melt the honey (of course – adjust the amount of honey depending on whether you like your iced tea sweet or not)
  • Leave to cool – anything between 1-2hr & then refrigerate for a further hour
  • Add sliced of lemon, mint & ice-cubes

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