Tibetan Restaurant: Mo Mo in Brussels

M had suggested visiting Mo Mo before – but because they are only open on Thursday-Saturday evenings – it made trying to find a date that worked for both of us a bit more complicated!

But we finally got there (along with Mr Draper)!

Nestled along Rue Decaqz in Ixelles – this Tibetan dumpling & soup spot is a beacon of light on a cold winter evening, amongst the dark neighbouring apartment blocks.

Although we got there early (7pm) & hadn’t made a reservation – they were able to accommodate us with space at a table (as long as we were gone by 8pm).

Interior wise – it is simple – with a gorgeous mural on the back wall – one long table down the centre & counter seating around the edges. On the one end of the long centre table is a station where you help yourself to chopsticks, cutlery & napkins.

momo 1

The process is pretty simple – you order, collect your drinks self-service from a fridge, eat & pay on the way out.

All 3 of us opted for the “Formule du soir” 13€ – which included a mini basket of sliced vegetables (steamed & still with a decent amount of crunch, with a sweet soya sauce & lots of anise… giving it a flowery liquorice taste); 5 assorted steamed dumplings (I got 3 meat ones which were “ok” & 2 vegetable ones – which were amazing) and a small soup (the soup that day was a yellow lentil version – which Mr Draper was convinced tasted like scrambled eggs).

momo 8 momo 5 momo 7 momo 6

The dumplings have a somewhat thicker dough than the dim sums that I am normally used to – and of course the word for these tibetain dumplings is “mo mo” – so quite appropriate that the place is named after their speciality!

momo 2

All in all – the meal was full of flavours & made me feel quite virtuous in terms of healthy eating (all those vegetables) & of course, I respect the concept – which is that (organic) products are prepared by Tibetan women who used to be political prisoners in Tibet….

But would I go back? Doubtful – the steamed vegetables & the vegetable dumplings were delicious – but the soup & the meat dumplings were not really my thing. So maybe – if I only went back for the veggie options…. or it might be a healthy option via the Take Eat Easy home delivery service.

Mo Mo

address: 27 Rue Defacqz, Ixelles, 1050, Brussels, BELGIUM

Telephone: +32 2 522 09 68

Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 11h30-14h30; Thursday – Saturday: 18h00-21h30

website: http://mo-mo.eu/ (just a landing page)


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