Why you should vote for Brussels Food Friends in the Visit Brussels 2014 Awards

In 2014 – on a road trip to (and from) a blogger meetup in Rotterdam – a group of Belgian based bloggers decided that it was high time that there was an active community in their same country.

And so … Brussels Food Friends was born (affectionately termed #BxlFF) ~ although “Brussels” was in the name, it was open to all Belgian Food Bloggers (and those beyond who were also interested!)


Offering an online platform – showcasing bloggers recipes & restaurants blog posts; interviews and sharing details of any upcoming foodie events in Belgium – it grew from a handful of followers to an interactive community!

3 Events happened during this time frame – each at a different venue, encouraging support from so many wonderful suppliers:

  1. 29th March 2014 at The Hotel
  2. 21st June 2014 at Hotel BLOOM
  3. 1st November 2014 at Maasmechelen Village

So the question remains – Why should YOU vote for Brussels Food Friends in the “New Concept” 2014 Visit Brussels Awards?

visit brussels 2014

The food bloggers that we have had the pleasure to interact with in Belgium, all have a full-time job, partners/loved ones and regular lives – yet still find time to photograph & write about one of their favourite topics … “FOOD”.

Majority of them don’t get paid for the articles – they do it because they love doing it – they are passionate and dedicated.

And the thanks that they receive is your readership for their hard work… (and every blogger knows that getting a comment on a post is awesome… because it meant that someone has actually read it!)

So what makes Brussels Food Friends special?

  1. It is created & executed BY bloggers FOR bloggers
  2. It is free to join – any food blogger in Belgium can be added to the community irrespective of language (as simple as sending an email to brusselsfoodfriends@gmail.com with the respective link)
  3. It promotes as many food events in Belgium as possible through an event calendar
  4. The #BxlFF events allow bloggers to finally meet the persona that they follow/support on social media face-to-face
  5. Every day – the team at #BxlFF reads all the food blog posts of the community that have been published in the past 24hr (yes – EVERY day) and then sets about sharing them on Twitter & Facebook.
  6. It showcases posts by bloggers every monday with the Top5 post on the website
  7. It showcases an individual blog every friday with #FollowThemFriday interviews
  8. It encourages bloggers to support each other – follow, interact & promote each other on social media – creating a support network
  9. It gives suppliers an opportunity to present their products directly to the foodie target market through these bloggers
  10. It creates a COMMUNITY – where irrespective of language, age, gender or race – the love of food binds everyone together

So we ask you to show a little support & remember to vote!!



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