Un Jour de Peyrassol (Brussels)

Team EAT (our group of 6 food friends) got out to Un Jour à Peyrassol in Brussels in January… although we were only 5 of the original group of 6.

source: their website

source: their website

Situated just off Place Chatelain in Ixelles & offering Valet parking – it really can’t be missed.

un jour de peyrassol

What I would describe as a French inspired Italian restaurant… I know… 2 different countries, right? But the menu is definitely Mediterranean on the Italian front – with southern specialties (i.e. lemon Veal/ escalope au citron) along with homemade pastas (linguine with seafood, gnocchi, etc) – plus they have a whole section of the menu dedicated to truffles (which was a bit “rich” for my blood… even though I adore truffles – I really can’t justify 40€ for a truffle risotto).

un jour de peyrassol menu

While the decor is just a bit on the “french bistro” side (in my opinion) and of course, we started the evening off with house wine from their estate (yes – they have an estate in Provence (ah, France! go figure!) … with wines, olives & …. their truffles)… which was truly delicious. But definitely did not fall into the House wine price category at 38€ a bottle.

un jour de peyrassol wine

Nibbles were placed on the table while we reviewed the menu to make our choices – thinly sliced toasted bread either topped with a tuna/tomato paté or with aubergine caviar – both were very tasty….

un jour de peyrassol nibbles 2 un jour de peyrassol nibbles 1

We arrived just after 8pm to a “half-full’ restaurant – and placed our orders for both starters & mains by 8.30pm latest… but waited over an hour for the food to finally arrive. I had even commented while we were placing the orders that the fact that the waiters placed the orders directly onto a hand-held palm pilot type of device meant that the kitchen got the orders instantly  – *sigh* this must have jinxed it! Plus our poor waitress was in a complete panic – rushing from kitchen to tables to bar area in a rush… while her fellow staff members all stood around the bar chatting.

Originally 3 of us ordered the Tempura stuffed courgette flowers – but one of the waiters appeared about 10min later to tell us that there was only 1 portion left… so G changed his order to “mussels” while I ordered the Calamari (with garlic, olive oil & red peppers), Angela & Mr Draper both had opted for the Mille Feuilles of aubergine, smoked provola & red tomatoes.

un jour de peyrassol starters

All starters were excellent (when they arrived after 9.30pm) except maybe the tempura stuffed courgette flowers… and ranged in price from 14-17€ (somewhat pricey perhaps…)

For mains – Mr Draper & I both went for the Escalope au citron (18€) served with a bowl of spaghetti – really & truly excellent flavours… the perfect amount of lemon… truly & utterly delicious (I have no more words….)

un jour de peyrassol veal

While Sas & Angela both ordered the Bar fish (Bass) which was done with salt & herbs of Provence (18€) – looked & tasted great – but had a fair amount of bones which they both spent a good portion of the evening removing from their mouth!

un jour de peyrassol fish

Would I return? Good question… the food is out of this world in terms of excellence – but reflecting back on the evening – it worked out to about 70€ each – wine, water, starter & main course – and although the food really was out of this world, it was still simple & for that sort of pricing… a bit on the steep side. If the pricing was a bit more reasonable – I would definitely return.

Un Jour à Peyrassol

address: 76, rue de l’Aqueduc, Ixelles, 1050, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 539 3299

website: http://www.unjourapeyrassol.com

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 12h00 – 19h00 & Sunday from 11h00 to 16h00


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