Pepenero Restaurant in Mouille Point (Cape Town)

While in Cape Town over the festive season – we made sure that we grasped every opportunity to enjoy every single ray of sunshine before we headed back to a somewhat colder & darker climate in Brussels… so when Dad suggested dinner at a restaurant in Mouille Point with a view of the ocean… we jumped at the chance!

Pepenero is really just a stone throw from the ocean (by this – it depends on whether or not you can throw a stone across a road AND a sidewalk… but yes, terminology aside – it really was “JUST THERE”) and most of the restaurant has views of the Atlantic.

Offering both seating inside as well as on a large deck – the decor is plush and fabulous (and you can easily see why people come here to be seen… and heard…)

this visual is from their website

sourced: from their website

The place was packed… but I wouldn’t expect anything less for the week between Christmas & New Year – especially with THOSE views! And we were lucky enough to have a table on the deck (thanks to Dads reservation)

Bulent & I both ordered the Grilled Calamari (with chilli, parsley & paprika dressing – served with a homemade tartare sauce R65) as a starter & it was excellent.

pepernero 2

Dad & HIM ordered the Prawn cocktail (with avocado & Marie Rose dressing R85) – again, we noticed that portion sizes were on the generous front (I mean – half an avo per person?? Wow…)

pepernero 1

For Mains – I got the Chicken & Avocado Salad (served with fresh apple & feta R95) – really crisp & tasty… and so much that I couldn’t finish it! (Again – half an avocado)

pepernero 5

HIM originally had asked for the Aubergine & Butternut tortellini – which was unfortunately sold out – so he opted for the Cashew Nut Chicken Pasta (according to their menu – served with fresh basil, mint & garlic, plus mange tout R125) – he didn’t rave about it as the pesto was quite heavy for him.

pepernero 3

Bulent got the Norwegion Salmon (served with an orange & rocket salad as well as a side of his choice (he chose the green vegetables) for R180) – and it looked (and tasted) like a winner!

pepernero 4

And Dad used their Summer specials menu to order Rump Steak (served with chips R89) – He also asked for a side portion of green vegetables (R35) ~ as it was not possible to swap out the chips for veggies…. (at this point – I think I might have exceeded our tables patience with taking photos before they were allowed to start eating – so I don’t have a visual to share of the steak)

All in all – it was a lovely experience. Service wise – a friendly waiter (nothing negative or exceptional to add) & food wise – a definite recommendation.

Would I return? a resounding yes…. it was a comfortable and happy evening.


address: No 1 Two Oceans Beach, Bay Road, Mouille Point, Cape Town 8001 SOUTH AFRICA

Telephone: +27 21 439 9027




3 thoughts on “Pepenero Restaurant in Mouille Point (Cape Town)

  1. It is a winner – have been there several times and it never disappoints.
    Maybe I’m biased because it has a personal memory for me. As a child I lived on that block back when it was just one small house and a small apartment block.
    I can’t wait to see what goes up over the road where the Deli was – that was a very pleasant place to stop for a quick coffee or beer.

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