Italian at No. 7 Restaurant

Located just around the corner from the Chatelain – a place that I had walked past on numerous occasions… but just hadn’t had the opportunity to try out yet….

sourced from their FB page

sourced from their FB page

So when Mr Draper suggested a pre-year end dinner with M, Geo & myself before we all headed off to different corners of the globe… he meant here =>  No. 7 restaurant

Arriving at 7.30pm – meant that the restaurant was pretty much empty… but by 9pm it was heaving with every spare seat/table taken (most of which seem to be through reservations). Having said this – the actual dining area is small(ish) probably seating about 40 odd diners.

Interior decor was on the minimal side – with a few different coloured lights… nothing great but I can’t really say it was in any way inviting or exciting.

As we were waiting for our 4th to arrive – we were approached by 3 of the waitrons on more than one occasion checking to see if we were 3 or 4 people… and trying to place orders before our 4th arrived started to become comical…. as they would say “yes yes” and then turn around & walk away. (I credit this to “lost in translation”)

We settled up on a Burrata starter to share (Burrata is fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella AND cream) – served with asparagus spears, tomato & pesto…. a delicious way to start the evening

7 1

For mains – M & I both ordered Spaghetti Pomodoro Basilico (Spaghetti with tomato sauce & basil) – simple but tasty…. with perfectly cooked pasta…

7 2

Mr Draper ordered the Melanzane alla Parmigiana (Aubergine gratin with tomato & cheese) – and was very happy about the temperature it was served at (piping hot) as well as the taste – so another winner.

7 4

Geo opted for the Papardelle Ragù Maison (House ragu/meat sauce made with 3 different meats – Lamb, beef & pork served with flat ribbon pasta)

7 3

With no alcohol consumed (yes – strange…. but true) – we did drink 4 demi-bottles of sparkling water, shared 1 starter & each had a main – it worked out to a total of 89euros (excluding a tip).

Would I return? Maybe. Food was very tasty, but in general terms – I would say that there wasn’t much of an ambiance & I wasn’t “blown away”. They don’t have a website (which is mind-blowing in this technological age) but they do have a facebook page.

Have you been? What was your experience?

No. 7

address: Rue Washington 7 – 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 649 2935

Opening hours: Mon: 18h00-22h30; Tues-Sat: 12h00-14h30 & 18h00-22h30

Facebook page


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